Monthly Archives: November 2015

Lansdown 3 v BAC 2 (28/11/15)

Another stormy match for BAC 1s this week… Saturday’s elements – torrential rain.  We travelled to Cheltenham for our final league fixture before Christmas against Lansdown who realised early on that we’d poached their red jackets after admiring them at the same game last year… Ours have squad numbers though, miles better!

After a team talk in the comfortable heat of the changing room, the team welcomed Siobhan and headed outside to warm up and cool down at the same time.

BAC 1 – Wotton- Under-Edge 1

Home to Wootton-Under-Edge (WUE) this week, luckily for us our kit manager Tinny had the foresight to get us woolly hats as it’s fair to say the weather was a bit brass monkeys!! Due to the slightly earlier than usual start of 10am this week meant we were all a little blurry eyed, but the worse one to be effected with the cold early start was Coxy’s car, which refused to start, so captain Kingers had to make a dash to go get her (I’m hoping there are no speed cameras between the pitch and Coxy’s house) this left us in a bit of a sitch but Braveheart woolly pulley stepped up and for the first 10 mins was our kicking back. Well done WP!!

Bristol University2 6 – BAC 3

This week saw us have a local away fixture against Bristol Uni at Coombe Dingle on a cold, wet, windy, soggy Saturday (I bet Dave wished she was there!) and we welcomed Lisa Browne to the first team. We had our team talk in the changing rooms before embracing the weather and fortunately we all had our new Club bobble hats to keep us warm. Although Sally probably wished she waited until we got outside to put hers on as she got a little too warm sat by the blazing radiator in the changing rooms!

BAC 2 – Blockley 2 (07/11/15)

This week saw the visit of Blockley who braved the torrential rain on their trip down to Abbeywood. We also had the unexpected pleasure of Dave in the team. We were pleased to see her, although I’m sure she would’ve preferred the sun lounger she was supposed to have been on! The rain had brought out the snails which Sally duly saved from being crushed on the pitch. A minute’ s silence was observed before the start of the match – the weather easing up on us and not subjecting us to the downpour of last year.