Monthly Archives: October 2015

Investec Trophy Game – BAC 1 – Mid Somerset 2

The England Hockey Investec Trophy Match – dreams of playing at Queen Elisabeth Park were shattered as BAC lost to Mid Somerset in a battle of a match. The extra hour in bed, clearly didn’t give us what we needed to win, neither did the extra 15 min’s delay due to the no show from the APPOINTED umpire…..but it’s ok, we woke up Alex and got him to come  along instead.  With us today for this event were the not so invisible Ali Bethall and the super human, bruised from the day before Sophie Newton Bomb.

Gloucester2 3 – BAC 1

This week BAC ladies had a late game this away to Gloucester. We welcomed our latest recruit Ellie –  Becky Boo was making her feel welcome as only our Becs can! We had a good team talk in the changing room although we were missing a team member Emz (where was she Big Brother?) – we found her outside and did a quick warm up due to us being unable to get on the pitch.

We were fired up and ready for battle. BAC started well with some good quick passing and movement. Our defenders were holding strong when Gloucester City attacked, there was no way Woolly, Dave or Jodie were letting them get threw. Our opposition were making lots of noises using the Naughty F*** word (which I now thought was a reason for getting a card) – they were certainly not doing the famous No-Emotion Dave!!!!!

BAC2 3 – Westberries4 3

A wet start to the day at our home pitch against Westberries. Great to see Kay cheering us on from the side line. We won the first push back. The game was quite turbulent, at times a bit ‘Tyson’ and ‘Bruno’. Berries took the lead within the first few minutes of the game, and Ceri received a beautiful green card, so left the pitch for a couple of minutes to put it somewhere safe!!

BAC 1 – Bretforton 1 (17/10/15)

This week’s hockey preparations started early for Dave as she was so worried about being late that she turned up at 9am, a full 90 minutes before push back.

Our opponents today were Bretforton who had had an early start before they travelled down to Bristol in their minibus. As the game started, BAC were hoping to catch Bret half asleep after their early morning but both teams were switched on as the game began at pace. BAC won an early short corner but it was well defended by Bret and they broke quickly up to the other end of the pitch.