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BAC2 v Wotton-Under-Edge2 01/10/16 1-1


Bristol Ladies 2 – BAC2 3 24/09/16

Too early!

The morning started with us being locked out of the Orchard School. It was a fine sight to see all of BAC arriving an hour before the match (well actually 1 hr 15 mins because Ceri got the time wrong).

Clifton4 8 – BAC2 2 (07/11/15)

ill peeps

A late game in the day, thankfully the sun came out for us!
The available team of twelve brought with them ailments of all possible varieties, this did not hold us back, and thankfully those with ailments were able to keep it all in!!

BAC2 3 – Westberries4 3

Mike Tyson delivers a right to Frank Bruno during their heavyweight championship fight.

A wet start to the day at our home pitch against Westberries. Great to see Kay cheering us on from the side line. We won the first push back. The game was quite turbulent, at times a bit ‘Tyson’ and ‘Bruno’. Berries took the lead within the first few minutes of the game, and Ceri received a beautiful green card, so left the pitch for a couple of minutes to put it somewhere safe!!