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Hereford 1 – BAC 2


So today BAC take on top of the table Hereford. After a long car journey, the warm up was a nice opportunity to stretch our legs!

BAC started well from the whistle, stopping a Hereford break in the first couple of minutes, and pushing them back up the pitch. We charged into the opposition D, and the shot went ride. It was a good start nonetheless. The play for the next 10 mins or so, was pretty evenly spread, with both side getting the ball, and pressing forward. Hereford were looking the better team as BAC were finding it difficult to control the ball on the unfamiliar pitch. Hereford were breaking up the pitch, and having had a few shots, and a few saves by the BAC keeper, they were not giving in. They intercepted the ball  on the halfway line, charged forward into the BAC D, and had a shot across the BAC keeper and scoring in the right hand corner.

Newent2 4 – BAC 2


Written By: Red

Another late push back for BAC, luckily Maz came fully equipped this week. The warm up began with Jason Donavan, then Bros (see I have done my 80’s homework) and then a lot of talk about Mavis! Sally don’t get emotional thinking about it.

Mendip 1 – BAC 3 (Friendly) 17.02.18


Written By: B.I.S.H

Didn’t we have a lovely time the day we went to Midsummer Norton but on the way there Cher decided to check out the teas first by putting in the post code for the cricket club! Once we arrived the Rangey car members arrived in laughter…….something to do with lemons!!!! We headed to the changing room where Cher asked the man where the hockey changing rooms were …… he said coffee is behind her!!! O dear bless Cher wasn’t having a good day!!!

BAC 7 – North Wilts 4


Written By: Liz ‘I pass to who I want’ Gaze

Another rainy Saturday (or in the words of Maz, “the drizzle is very drizzly today”) saw BAC take on bottom of the table West Wilts (WW). BAC were without Brownie (who felt it was acceptable to book a skiing holiday and miss a league game) and Red (showing her youth recovering from having a troublesome wisdom tooth out). It was a shame that we were unusually without any supporters as it was a high scoring game with more goals than the rest of the league put together!