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Devizes v BAC (26/03/22)

Won 1-3

Reporter Maz absent – Learning some more magic in the US of A

So we made this up

Early start

Sunny day nearly had a few wild wees

B A C not BAC (pronounced back)

Joey got a new hoody

Tinny DOD for forgetting balls

Joey may have been right to check the gate

Holly turned up in the right kit

SLW beat land speed record

Lizzie drove past Tinny & Sal’s

Cheryl had the sicky vibes

Meg got accepted into Southampton

AND THEN the game started (this has been pieced together at teas/ over coffee in a farm shop)

BAC1 v Gillingham (12/02/22)

Result: 3-3 Draw

Written by: Holly the slow injector

BAC VS. Gillingham (is that how you spell it?)BAC struggled to get into the game as quickly as Gillingham, who unfortunately scored a below average (at best) goal after just minutes of play. BAC were now riled & ready for revenge. Debbie made a great run which resulted in a short corner for BAC. For once Holly hit the ball out fast enough for tinny to score a brilliant goal, making the score 1-1.

Marlborough V BAC 08/01/22 Score 3-3

BAC got up for our earliest start of the season so far. With the car heating turned up and our raincoats at the ready, BAC headed to Marlborough for a re-arranged league fixture from last year.

The game started positively with BAC holding firm despite some early pressure from Marlborough and early chances for both teams should have seen the ball in the back of the net. 

BAC v Frome (20/11/21) 7-2

MATCH REPORT (Meg Jones): A whopping win against Frome for BAC today. We went out with the bare 11, including Covid recoverers and no Sarah (goalie)! Thanks to Alice for stepping up to help us out (legend!!!). The game started with an early goal for BAC, scored by Sledger, starting the game on a strong footing. First half saw us coming out hard with fantastic triangles up both the left and right, winning 4(?) shorts and 2 more goals from Kingers and Tinny, the later of whom scored her post-Covid debut goal from a short corner. Frome’s counterattack was quick off the mark, and we conceded to a two-on-one with the goalie making it 3-1, but another goal from Tinny saw us end the first half 4-1.