BAC2 1 – City of Bath 1

On the eve of the solstice BAC2 took on City of Bath in a sluggish skirmish that whilst underwhelming in terms of play, didn’t lack drama.

Some of the players were taking to the field for the 6th time this week due to tournament successes and understandably were a little tired.  Other players were found down the backs of sofas and after a dusting and picking off bits of fluff were good to go.  BAC2 won the toss and took first push back.

After 5 minutes of end to end play the heat, humidity and approaching pagan festival was starting to take its toll and aggression levels were rising.  Hammy was spoken to by the umpire for a sharp stick tackle and the teams had an opportunity to settle down.

A series of shorts and longs were awarded to Bath but they struggled to put together a decent play and BAC2 were often able to clear the ball.  Bath were now getting a little frustrated and from an opportunity in the D smashed the ball across to the centre of the goal where it was deflected in at chest height.  The whistle blew and no goal was given on the basis of dangerous play.

Undeterred Bath came straight back and from the smallest of angles fired a shot through  several players hitting the post and bouncing in for a goal.  BAC2 0 – Bath 1.

The usual cries from the BAC2 players of  “Come on girls, heads up” did the trick and straight away BAC2 were putting Bath under pressure.  An enthusiastic Hammy was called over to the umpire to discuss the weather and Parisian fashions (not sure exactly what was said but it was a lengthy conversation).

Half time blew and everyone regrouped.

Second half was more of the same.  There were more opportunities for Bath including a couple of short corners and then Hammy was shown an imaginary green card and invited to go off for 2 minutes, she pointed out that greens don’t involve a suspension and so it was changed to an imaginary yellow card and she was invited to sit down for 5 minutes.  Despite being a man down BAC2 played even harder and put a lot of pressure on Bath.  Tinny and a Bath defender collided and Tinny got the worst of it taking a shoulder to the temple.  Dazed and confused time stopped until she staggered to her feet, staggered a wobbly path whilst insisting she was fine.  Play continued.

Within minutes Hammy was back, Tinny was playing the right ball of the 2 she kept seeing and BAC2 were able to create an opportunity in the Bath D from which Ali scored.  1-1.

Both teams were now keen to score another goal and go ahead in the match, but neither looked physically capable.  3 minutes from time Hammy had another long chat with her new best friend which was the last remarkable event of the game.

A 1 – 1 draw was a fair result, Kay did great in goal and the support of the veterans was greatly appreciated in earning another point for the team.  Everyone then made a quick exit to go home, see the sun set, dance naked around a bonfire and sacrifice a goat….maybe…..well I might have….does anyone read these reports???

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