Match Report 06/10/12 Westberries 2 – 4 BAC

It was a beautiful sunny autumn day but unfortunately in the first half BAC were anything ‘but’ and we found ourselves 1 – 0 down. Enough said!

After a tough half time team talk the game restarted and it was like chalk and cheese – a completely different BAC side came out for the second half. Seconds from the restart saw us awarded with a penalty corner through some positive attacking play. A strike from Liz found Lor in a perfect position to slot home the equaliser. No sooner had the umpire blown the whistle for the restart BAC had taken the lead by a neat reverse stick shot by Lisa (Doug’s training paying off!!).

The only negative from the second half was conceding a goal when play broke down in midfield and Westberries went on to level the score.

BAC’s heads didn’t go down. We got stuck in and were playing really good hockey throughout the team. Good pressure saw us rewarded with a third goal by Lor to put us in the lead, after combining with Tinny. Score 3-2.

We felt we still needed to get some daylight as a one goal lead didn’t feel enough. Westberries became very physical when Deb Leonard met more than her match and was deliberately barged off the ball and hit the ground running. Green card to their no 44! BAC were fighting for everything and excellent play again meant BAC won a long corner. Tapper took the ball into the D and from the tightest of angles and between the goal keepers near side and the post she scored BAC’s fourth goal (she later admitted it was supposed to be cross but who cares?!). Final score Westberries 2 BAC 4.

An awesome display in the second half and a well deserved victory which should give us the confidence we need going in to next week’s match against Jaspers.

Man of the match: 3rd to Liz and Katie, 2nd Sally, 1st Deb Leonard Quote of the day by one of umpires at teas (speaking of which were disappointing): “Nice to see you’ve all calmed down now” (don’t know what she was talking about do you Sal?!!)

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  1. number 44 says:

    Fancy that – Deb Leonard meeting more than her match, how rude!

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