Daily Archives: November 23, 2015

BAC 1 – Wotton- Under-Edge 1

Home to Wootton-Under-Edge (WUE) this week, luckily for us our kit manager Tinny had the foresight to get us woolly hats as it’s fair to say the weather was a bit brass monkeys!! Due to the slightly earlier than usual start of 10am this week meant we were all a little blurry eyed, but the worse one to be effected with the cold early start was Coxy’s car, which refused to start, so captain Kingers had to make a dash to go get her (I’m hoping there are no speed cameras between the pitch and Coxy’s house) this left us in a bit of a sitch but Braveheart woolly pulley stepped up and for the first 10 mins was our kicking back. Well done WP!!