Monthly Archives: October 2016

Redland UWE2 8 – BAC 3 22/10/16

Written By: Captain Tinny

An away trip to the stadium of Redland UWE was in the cards. After a staggered arrival due to a few getting lost (!) and a trek to the pitch area, we warmed up and all watched Coxy break the main rule of not staying in the spectator area and going onto the side of the pitch before the end of the previous game!!

Just as we got into the warm up, we were treated to a watering of the pitch, and then it was all systems go…. or not!!

BAC 5 – 0 Yate3 15/10/16

Written by: Maz Wilson

Another sunny start for BACs match this morning and another white board sess from Miss Dave. Rachel L was introduced to the sophisticated alphabetised attack and defence formations that is BAC and we were all set for an exciting match in which the theme was to be recycling…

BAC 2 – Wotton-Under-Edge 4 (08/10/16)

Written By: Sally Curnow

With so many of BAC AWOL, we had a special guest this week in the shape of Invisible Ali, she wowed us with her invisibility trick whilst we waited for the late people! Why were they so late?  The ring road was closed this week, that’s why, this came  to the surprise of 70% of the team! Didn’t let this deter us, we still made time for a Dave white board session!! So clued up and warmed up we were ready to go….

Wick 1 – BAC 2 01/10/16

Written by: Lisa Browne
Saturday brought us sunshine and whiteboard sessions. Dave did a sterling job of using her whiteboard and coloured pens to get the team hyped up and strategy minded pre-game.