Wick 1 – BAC 2 01/10/16

Written by: Lisa Browne
Saturday brought us sunshine and whiteboard sessions. Dave did a sterling job of using her whiteboard and coloured pens to get the team hyped up and strategy minded pre-game.

BAC started out strong, focusing on holding the ball and keeping possession with lots of strong moves down both sides of the pitch.  A shot from Tinny, saved by a Wick defender’s foot gave BAC a penalty flick; Tinny stepped up, showed composure and send the ball beautifully into the side net of the Wick goal.

Wick put the BAC defence to the test resulting in Dave lifting the ball hard into a diving Becky’s face… she probably won’t ever live it down but at least we can be confident in the new goalie helmet.  Wick converted a penalty corner which Bish would have surely cleared if it hadn’t been for both her sunglasses and face mask steaming up leaving the score 1:1.

BAC remained strong in attack and calm at the back trying to make the most of every break in play and finally reaped the rewards towards the end of the half when Lisa King put away a cross from Lisa B.

The second half showed determination from both teams and absolute grit from the Wick keeper who saved countless shots and penalty corners.  We saw out the end of the game with a 10 minute hail storm and another three points.

Well done all.


1st Dave

2nd Tinny

3rd Maz, Becky, Kingers, Liz

MOTM - Dave

MOTM – Dave



Masterclass in session…..

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