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BAC 4 – Lydney2 1 – 19th Novemebr 2016

Written by: Becky ‘the bullet’ Lewis Caroll

*For the short version, skip to the end!

So, were back at home this week to face Lydney2. It was a very chilli start to the day, noted by the fact that half the BAC team refused to go outside into the dugout! After a quick ‘whiteboard run through’ from Dave, BAC we raring to get out there and get the 3 points. I, on the other hand, was still puzzled by the term ‘defender danger’!

After a good warm up, BAC were more than up for it.

Pucklechurch 1 – BAC 5 (14/11/16)

Written by: WP

Disclaimer: The author of this week’s report was not present for the warm up or the first 5/10 minutes of the game and was not on the pitch so has had to rely on reports from others. Any exaggerations/inaccuracies are therefore mostly Bish and Becky’s fault!

BAC enjoyed an unorthodox warm up, made up of a run around the car park and a very quick hit about on the pitch. And before the game got underway the teams observed two minutes’ silence (BAC sporting their poppies for kits) to mark remembrance weekend.

BAC 8 – Old Bristolians3 1 (05/11/16)

Well the day started with us all arriving early and on time! There was a good pre-talk tactics, with the most important statement of let’s attack as we are at our best when we’re attacking. We were all pumped and ready to go. Apparently invisible Ali had nothing on this week’s umpire as he had an invisible coin…… the less said about that the better.

Any way we started well attacking just the finishing touches missing and good saves by their keeper. They came back at us and put us under some pressure, but we defended well and we attacked and won a short corner, which Bish Bash Bosh scored from Tinny’s pass another good short corner routine by BAC 1-0.

Weston-Super-Mare 4 – BAC 5 (29/10/16)

At 9:07am Captain Tinny awoke from a lovely dream, listening to the birds sing and wiping the sleepy dust from her eyes she then exclaimed ‘F**k it, we’ve overslept’ then a massive rush ensued around the Totterdown Branch of BAC as we tried to get to -Super-Mare for the 10:40am meet time.

We made it, well at about 10:47am!! Greeting us this week in the changing room was Birthday Bish, back from injury and Nettie (Pippa) joining us for the first time this week, first thing that happened to her? Fined for wearing a netball top. Second thing? A new nickname. Nettie was born.