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Bristol University2 1 – BAC 3

Written By:  Tinny Two Goals

The Game of 2 halves.

With the season coming to a close with 2 games left, 2nd place is still up for grabs with 4 teams all fighting hard for it.  This week we took an afternoon trip to Coombe Dingle, taking on our ‘young foes’ Bristol Uni.   When we got there we found a dry ‘water’ based pitch, the sun beating down, Emma, Gozzers (and Hollie), Dave and her magic sticks and backpack and our super sub Ali*.  After a good warm up, WP’s hoody being dunked in a muddy puddle and Kingers losing the toss, the whistle went and it was all systems go……both teams started well but BAC soon set the pace, passing the ball quickly and dictating the run of the ball, much to the displeasure of the Uni coach!! 

BAC 3 – Old Bristolians 4 (14/03/15)

Written By – The Sledgend

It was a grey and chilly start to the day at Abbeywood, however the excitement of the Wembley tickets to see Bristol City soon got us jumping up and down! Maz showed everyone the video of human hungry hippos as a possible warm up routine but we thought better of it. We didn’t want any injuries…..more about that later!

Woolley Pulley was missing this week as she chose to watch Wales vs Ireland over playing for BAC (where’s the commitment? Ok, so it was a Christmas present!!!!) so Maddie slotted into right back and Cheryl took charge in the centre of defence.

Jaspers 6 – BAC 0 (07/03/15)

‘All the gear no idea’

BAC Ladies took the trip to Hanham, to play top of the table Jaspers, we lost 6 – 0.

I’ve decided not to talk about the game any further, mainly as my therapist say’s I shouldn’t dwell on things. So I will concentrate this match report on other, far my joyous things.

Cirencester 3 – BAC 3 (28/02/15)

BAC welcomed a bit of a lie-in this week and after a well calculated journey we arrived at precisely 12.10 for the 13.10 start of the match. The team warmed up in formation, airing the new jackets, and were soon too warm. We welcomed our super-supporter Zac, who is quickly becoming invaluable as a kit carrier/drinks holder/first aid bag holder!  The first half started at pace with BAC pressuring from the start, this only lasted for about two minutes…