Monthly Archives: February 2015

BAC 6 – Winscombe 3 (F) (21/02/15)

Written By: Sally ‘I scored this week’ Curnow

Is it birds or is it planes? No…’s BAC Ladies in their shiny new waterproof jackets!!! *wolf whistles* We were looking sharp, but smelt like Carp!!! Today was the day we hosted Winscombe Ladies in a ‘friendly’ fixture and after a chin wag, some fence clambering, a rousing talk from our captain, the realisation our coach was umpiring for them, a look at Tinny’s new stick and a warm up, BAC were off…..

BAC 2 – Westberries2 3 (07/02/15)

Written Eventually by: Becky ‘The Bullet’ Lewis

So today, BAC players arrived to the wonderful sounds of Swing low, sweet chariot, for the benefit of Woolley and Lisa, and hoped that we too would be as successful as England the night before.

As the BAC warm up began, it became obvious to us that this week we were not going to have such loyal, supportive fans on the sideline as was provided by Lisa the week before. As this realization set in we saw a coach pulled up, but alas, it had taken a wrong turn and it was for the Wise campus, not, in fact, to support us. Just as the sideline was looking bleak, and we’d have to do it alone, Beezy and Sophie rocked up closely followed by the Puckle few(plus twins) to cheer us on. And if this wasn’t enough, much to the dismay of Becky the Bullet, Zac was back!! :o)

So, lets get on with this, and they’re off…………

Leominster 1 – BAC 6 (31/01/15)

Written by – Katie Curly-Wurley-Woolly-Pulley

Hamstrings and Ham Pangs

It felt like the middle of the night when the BAC team left Bristol to start the long trip to Leominster. The cars were loaded with kitbags, Cava, Cherry Lambrini (of course) and a homemade cake from Maz. Getting up earlier than you do on a weekday definitely left some players thinking “would this trip be worth it?!” However, we were all conscious of the need to be positive after all the emails/discussion about hockey psychology so we were in a good frame of mind about the game.

A few hours later we arrived in Leominster and booked into our very own changing room. After a bit of a fashion show trying on the new sample jackets for size, we headed out onto the pitch. We were greeted by our very own Twitter feed author, Andrew, who had driven up especially to watch and tweet our progress. Lisa’s parents and friends also turned out to support meaning we had 5 or 6 eager supporters on the sidelines. We were also honoured by the attendance of West hockey’s First Lady, who had kindly agreed to be our umpire for the game.