Bristol University2 1 – BAC 3

Written By:  Tinny Two Goals

The Game of 2 halves.

With the season coming to a close with 2 games left, 2nd place is still up for grabs with 4 teams all fighting hard for it.  This week we took an afternoon trip to Coombe Dingle, taking on our ‘young foes’ Bristol Uni.   When we got there we found a dry ‘water’ based pitch, the sun beating down, Emma, Gozzers (and Hollie), Dave and her magic sticks and backpack and our super sub Ali*.  After a good warm up, WP’s hoody being dunked in a muddy puddle and Kingers losing the toss, the whistle went and it was all systems go……both teams started well but BAC soon set the pace, passing the ball quickly and dictating the run of the ball, much to the displeasure of the Uni coach!! 

Emma found herself in acres of space on numerous occasions, taking advantage of the space she passed it down the line to Sally, who attacked the backline, pulled it back into the line of Tinny, who took it round 4 defenders and slotted it past the keeper 0-1 BAC!!

A quick regroup ensured the passing continued, from the 16’s KWP knocked it back to Chez who was able to find space on the right for Gozzers and Kingers to attack the Uni defence.  Solid work from Bish and Sledger in midfield caused problems for the Uni, who could not break the BAC unit down, then a  pass out to Emma on the left saw her in more space, with a text book long ball through the Uni defence saw Tinny with a 1 on 1 with the keeper….a less than ideal touch lead to the ball spinning away from goal, followed by Tinny and the Keeper!!  Heading towards half time the Uni became more verbal, a shout of “Come on Bris they are actually quite feisty” momentarily gave BAC a few stifled giggles, before another break into the Uni D, Tinny strike on goal…..GOOOAAAAALLLLLLLL 0-2.

A few minutes later, a short was awarded to BAC for a foot in the D.  With a quick chat, a top secret plan was hatched, Tinny to Bish…..we all know how that one works…..GOOOAAAALLLLLLLLL!!!!!!! 0-3 and a short time later the half time whistle went, just as Uni were awarded a short.  A shout of Number 1 from the coach……a shout of this is not going in from Becky the Bullet…..The Bullet was right.  Half time.  STEP (hobble) UP DAVE!!  We then found out what she had been clinging onto in her magic backpack…..oranges and jelly beans. Awwww!!!

A fully refreshed BAC started the 2nd half with some possession play.  The Uni had other ideas and quickly started breaking down play, passing the ball round more.  Up Stepped  the defence.  With on onslaught from the Uni, WP, Chez and Maz were holding strong, along with some top notch saves from Becky the Bullet, until about 15minutes in and the Uni took advantage of a loose ball and popped it in.  1-3.

We then found ourselves down to 10, as Emma had to go off and win her millions, luckily we had super sub Ali* on the side-line.  Cries of ‘are we down to 10’ could be heard from BAC, some of us tried to stop alerting the Uni to this and attention quickly turned back to stopping the Uni onslaught.  Another short was awarded to the Uni and only an amazing full length dvie from the Bullet kept it out.  So more defending from Bish led to a banshee scream, in reply to a Uni banshee scream, leaving the Uni (and the rest of us) questioning Bish’s sanity – again!!

Then on the stoke of the final whistle, another short to the Uni, some cracking defending and a final kick out of the D by The Bullet meant BAC finally took the 3 points.  Credit must to go to the team following speaking to the oppo’s umpire after the game, who said he didn’t realise we were playing with 10 players for a lot of the 2nd half.  To carry that off in our league is not to be frowned at!!

Off for a shower and teas.  On arrival at the pub, the Uni were all tucking into their teas, we then waited, waited and waited some more.  Despite the opposition all LEAVING the pub, we were still waiting for some food!!  Eventually we had chilli and chips, long after the Uni had gone.  And thoughts then turned to the second best sporting event of the weekend, a BAC trip to Wembley with the task being to get on the TV…………….


MOTM this week as a highly desired prize due to the goody bag from Maddie!!  The lucky one was:

1st – Becky the bullet

2nd – ***** CHERYL *****

3rd – Bish & Tinny

*Urban myth????

MOTM Winner - 'Becky'

MOTM Winner – ‘Becky’

Mini Madness

Mini Madness

Tea's served at about 8pm

Tea’s served at about 8pm

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