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Nailsea v BAC2 10-4 (22/02/14)

The day started bright and sunny for a change and both BAC teams where off to Clevedon for matches against Nailsea and Clevedon. The teams were helping each other out today as it was a friendly weekend. The seconds were on first and held Nailsea until the first short corner and after a bit of a goalmouth scramble it was 1-0 to the opposition.

BAC2 3 – Avonmouth 6 (30/11/13)


Home match for the seconds and everyone was in a good mood following a win the previous week. The 2nds did another choreographed warm up routine and seem to spend a lot of time in circles talking. I dare say they were discussing tactics.

Frys B 0 – BAC2 4 27/06/13

keep calm

It felt a little more winter league than summer league as the rain lashed down on all of us, the only way you could tell it was summer was by Hammy’s mahogany tan! A warm up began, well for 5 of us, the rest were marvelling at Lou’s rather funky looking skin condition and trying to keep dry! After position’s were dealt out the game began.

BAC2 1 – City of Bath 1


On the eve of the solstice BAC2 took on City of Bath in a sluggish skirmish that whilst underwhelming in terms of play, didn’t lack drama.

Some of the players were taking to the field for the 6th time this week due to tournament successes and understandably were a little tired.  Other players were found down the backs of sofas and after a dusting and picking off bits of fluff were good to go.  BAC2 won the toss and took first push back.