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BAC2 v Knowle1 2-1 (12/09/15)

A beautiful day for the first friendly of the season.

The team got a bit worried when Soph asked to put balls on the 15!!! (We knew there were new rules but no-one had heard about this one!)

Summer League – The story so far

It was starting to become impossible to have a job and write the match reports given that we have had so many games, so I have decided to give the weekly results for the games gone by, I will try to write a brief weekly report for the games as the summer league rolls on.

Some great results though and some brilliant support from the whole club to make it possible to have so many matches.

W/C 26th May Won and Drew

This week the results were

BAC2 v Redland @ Abbeywood –  Won 3-1

BAC2 v Jaspers @ Wellsway – Drew 0-0

W/C 2nd June, Won, Won, Won, Won

An awesome week for BAC this week, the recurring theme being winning!

BAC v Firebrands 2 @ Coombe Dingle – Won – 4-3

Bristol v BAC2 @ Abbeywood – Won – 4-0

BAC v Jaspers @ Coombe Dingle – WON – 1-0

BAC2 v Knowle1 @ Wellsway – Won 8-2

W/C 9th June Won, Lost, Won

Redland v BAC @ Coombe Dingle – Won 0-3

Westberries2 v BAC @ Coombe Dingle – Lost 4-3

Frys2 v BAC2 @ Wellsway – Won 4-0

City of Bath 5 – BAC2 1

Ok somebody *coughs Andrew coughs* tempted fate and mentioned our winning streak on Twitter!!

Well it’s safe to say….it ended thanks to City of Bath!!

South Glous 0 – BAC2 5

17:30pm – E-mail from Maz – ‘Game now 8pm not 8:30pm start’

19:30pm – Team turn up to play,

but two OTHER teams are already there, turns out our game is a 8:30pm start! Not sure what happened, but as Bristol Ladies were short of players we think they may have sabotaged the start time so some of us BAC beauties could play for them, which we did….they won 5-3! For those not playing Hammy gave some critic on French cuisine.

Anyway, it was eventually our actual turn to play, so with everyone warmed up and ready to go  the whistle blew and we were off…