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Blockley v BAC (23/03/19) Lost 7-5

BAC travelled to Blockley this week and grumbled every day in the lead up about the early start, some of us even had to set alarms before our work alarm!  An hour and half journey later, we arrived at the Blockley pitch ready to shake off our early start. 

Wootton Bassett v BAC (16/03/19) Draw 3-3

For this week’s game, we made our way to Wootton Bassett (WB) on a very windy day.

It was an end-to-game, with each team having it’s share of the play. BAC went ahead early and played some flowing hockey. However, WB came back in to the game and scored one goal on the break, and then an unstoppable short corner goal to lead 2-1 at the break.

Cirencester 1 v BAC (09/03/19) Lost 5-1

Our top of the table clash with Cirencester 1s was as usual a fast paced, high scoring, hard hitting battle which unfortunately this time did not go BACs way.

The game however, was not without its excitement. So rather than dwell on the result, here are the highlights:

Westberries2 v BAC (03/03/19) Won 1-3

Written By Sally ‘big hand’ Curnow

Round 2 of 2. BAC were back at Combe Dingle less than 24 hours after their last game? Did it bother us? This Massive Attack of games over one weekend….no! No it did not, why? Coz we LOVE hockey and love is a doing word! So with fearless on our breath….we were off.