Cirencester 1 v BAC (09/03/19) Lost 5-1

Our top of the table clash with Cirencester 1s was as usual a fast paced, high scoring, hard hitting battle which unfortunately this time did not go BACs way.

The game however, was not without its excitement. So rather than dwell on the result, here are the highlights:

  • Becky saving a goal with her head
  • Kingers back to support BAC from the sideline
  • Cheryl’s dead ant impression that she can’t remember
  • Tinny’s short corner goal
  • The multiple injuries:
    • Sally ‘bruised knuckes’ Curnow
    • Sledger’s Ciren clash, winded with a dead leg
    • Cheryl’s bruised bum
    • The Bish take out
    • Dave’s header of the ball and lumpy knee
  • Ciren’s coach being sent off the pitch for childish behaviour. Clearly taking International Women’s day being for one day, literally
  • Andy’s warning of payback for Brownie’s absence

Players of the Match were:

1st: Becky and Bish

2nd: Red

3rd: Sledger and Cheryl

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