Daily Archives: March 5, 2019

Westberries2 v BAC (03/03/19) Won 1-3

Written By Sally ‘big hand’ Curnow

Round 2 of 2. BAC were back at Combe Dingle less than 24 hours after their last game? Did it bother us? This Massive Attack of games over one weekend….no! No it did not, why? Coz we LOVE hockey and love is a doing word! So with fearless on our breath….we were off.

Bristol University2 v BAC (02/03/19) Drew 4-4

Written By: Liz ‘not sure of the score’ Gaze

The first of a double header weekend at Coombe Dingle saw BAC face Bristol Uni 2. After warming up on the lush carpet of a 4G pitch, BAC noticed their faux pas of not realising that the Uni now play in red instead of the usual black and maroon! Thankfully their new shirts were white on the inside and they kindly agreed to switch to save us the trauma of playing in bibs.