Daily Archives: November 1, 2016

Weston-Super-Mare 4 – BAC 5 (29/10/16)

At 9:07am Captain Tinny awoke from a lovely dream, listening to the birds sing and wiping the sleepy dust from her eyes she then exclaimed ‘F**k it, we’ve overslept’ then a massive rush ensued around the Totterdown Branch of BAC as we tried to get to -Super-Mare for the 10:40am meet time.

We made it, well at about 10:47am!! Greeting us this week in the changing room was Birthday Bish, back from injury and Nettie (Pippa) joining us for the first time this week, first thing that happened to her? Fined for wearing a netball top. Second thing? A new nickname. Nettie was born.