BAC 2 – Westberries2 3 (07/02/15)

Written Eventually by: Becky ‘The Bullet’ Lewis

So today, BAC players arrived to the wonderful sounds of Swing low, sweet chariot, for the benefit of Woolley and Lisa, and hoped that we too would be as successful as England the night before.

As the BAC warm up began, it became obvious to us that this week we were not going to have such loyal, supportive fans on the sideline as was provided by Lisa the week before. As this realization set in we saw a coach pulled up, but alas, it had taken a wrong turn and it was for the Wise campus, not, in fact, to support us. Just as the sideline was looking bleak, and we’d have to do it alone, Beezy and Sophie rocked up closely followed by the Puckle few(plus twins) to cheer us on. And if this wasn’t enough, much to the dismay of Becky the Bullet, Zac was back!! :o)

So, lets get on with this, and they’re off…………

BAC start with first push back, taking control of the game and breaking early. Not for long though, as Westberries gain possession and storm towards the BAC end. They break into the D and have a couple of early chances, quickly picked up by the BAC keeper, and kicked out for a sideline ball. Westberries quickly make use of this with a quick pass into the D, a fumble by the BAC defense and a shot, beating the keeper to make it 1-0 to Westberries.

BAC’s heads quickly go down after Westberries early lead, allowing them, at times to almost get another. But some good defending, keeps them at bay.

Westberries once again break down the middle, again, entering the D. The ball hits a BAC foot and Westberries are awarded a short corner………

The short is taken and a shot from top of the D, kicked away by the BAC keeper, then being played on to the foot of a BAC defender, another short. Again taken, and shot from top of the D, this time being confidently cleared over the players in the D and away to the 25 line. The ball is picked up by BAC and they mount an attack on Westberries, getting as far as the Westberries D.

Then disaster struck……. the pretty one was hit in the face  :o(

The ball came up a stick and caught Lisa in the nose. Panic quickly spread at once with everyone wondering the same thing………… had Lisa entered her last beauty contest?? Only time would tell! Help quickly arrived from the sidelines in the form of an ice pack., and we all wondered if this would be enough, to maintain Lisa’s self proclaimed title of ‘the pretty one’. Obviously not, I mean it’s an ice pack, not a magician! A litre of blood, and two black eyes later, Lisa reluctantly left the pitch so the show could go on! A quick spruce of the pitch by an ‘expert’ cleaning crew and we were good to continue. But wait, this left 10 players on the pitch………. dun dun dun. After a nervous look over to the side line, and a choice of Andrew, Zac or the twins from Puckle, Beezy was our best option! Super star Beezy came to the rescue( well after polishing off her bacon butty)

BAC quickly took their mind off Britain’s next top model on the bench and got their heads back in the game, with some nice short, sharp passing breaking through Westberries defense. Having chance after chance, but being beaten every time by the brilliance of the Westberries keeper. A beautiful break from the back, and nicely picked up by Maz who drove into the D. She strikes the ball beautifully, and BAC support had already started cheering, but wait, the ball was stopped on the line by no other than………Tinny, showing some incredible defending skills (for the wrong team!!) Heads in our hands we continued on, and although BAC dominated the last 10 minutes before half time, no goals came of it.


After a quick break, and a rousing team talk by Tinny and the elephant man, BAC were well up for the second half. We started well, having a first break of the ball, being denied(again) by the skills of the Westberries keeper. But this did not deter us or dampen our BAC spirit. With a charge down the right by no other than our super sub Beezy, she shoots across goal with a lovely little lifted ball, allowing Tinny to get a baseball swing on it and, finally, beat the Westberries keeper. GOAL BAC- YEAH

Westberries start again, determined to get the goal back. The play was soon end to end, and BAC were awarded a short. Maz hit out, and BAC played the ball around the D, but were kept out by the Westberries defence. Soon after BAC were awarded another short, this time Tinny was taking no prisoners. A quality, accurate hit from Maz, and a superb strike by Tinny. GOAL BAC making the score 2-1 BAC. A ll BAC had to do now was hang on to the lead, and not mess it up!

After a quick reset, Westberries were off with a vengeance, quickly breaking down the right and entering the BAC D- short corner awarded to Westberries. Westberries strike, only to be denied, by the incredible short corner defense that BAC had showed all game. After a period of end to end gaming, Westberries were off again and charging up the pitch, they play the ball around, but BAC marking meant the ball could not be passed through and goes out for a 16 hit.

Quickly taken by BAC, disaster strikes, the 16 is picked up just outside the D by Westberries, they lay it off across the D and yet again, they shoot and score, beating the unsuspecting keeper! Westberries goal bring the score to 2-2

This wasn’t the end though and BAC still believed. The remainder of the game was pretty evenly matched, until Westberries break, again finding their way to the BAC D. The ball was picked up in the D by Westberries. They shoot, but were blocked by the keeper, but as fate would have it, the ball hit the floor, spun, and continued to roll back between the keepers legs and out of her eye line. Stuck in no mans land, Westberries get a stick on the ball and belt it over the line. Westberries 3-2.

The show must go on, and as unfortunate as the goal was, BAC refused to give up. With the keepers head firmly in her hands, BAC restarted. For the rest of the game, BAC charged down having chance after chance, and every time denied by Westberries defense. Cheryl crossed the ball beautifully across the D, Sally sliced it like a peach, but was denied by the Westberries keeper. BAC intercepted the 16 hit, and once again they charge down, Tinny hit the ball towards the back post, and as the ball was travelling at approximately 1000MPH Sally was unable to get her stick on it! Much to Tinny’s disapproval.

As much as BAC tried to get the goal back, the whistle blew, with Westberries picking up the 3 points and closing the gap in the table.

Today, hearts and faces were broken, and friendships damaged beyond repair. But, BAC will be back storming next week. And Westberries watch out as we will get you next time. See you at summer league! Mwah ha ha

Now to the pub…………..

Man of the match this week:

3rd: Liz

2nd: Bish

1st: Tinny, Dave and Cheryl

Some new awards this week:

Teenage strop of the week goes to Becky the Bullet!

Quality slap of the week is awarded to Sally……..twice!

Much love, until next time………..


MOTM's Dave, Chez and Tinny

MOTM’s Dave, Chez and Tinny

Sooo Pretty

Sooo Pretty

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