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Old Bristolians 2 – BAC 3 – 23/07/13 – WON

So with the previous night’s thunder storms keeping us all awake the night before and the temperature holding at a rather warm 25 degrees did not stop BAC being up beat and ready to take on Old B’s!! The fact we had to use the gentlemen’s facilities, which had not been cleaned since Old B’s were Young B’s, did not dampen our spirits. EVEN when Becky was called out on a drug based emergency and unable to play we did not panic (ok I did). Our fearless captain Lisa asked for volunteers and after the tumble weed cleared Katie Curly-Wurly-Woolly-Pully stepped up and declared ‘I will do it, I played in goal before’ a true team player!!

BAC 2 – Somerset Gryphons 3 01/07/2013

BAC V Somerset Gryphons Take 1.

We had a good warm up, a good talk from our captain Lisa and everyone was positive and up for it, then the whistle blew!

Frys B 0 – BAC2 4 27/06/13

It felt a little more winter league than summer league as the rain lashed down on all of us, the only way you could tell it was summer was by Hammy’s mahogany tan! A warm up began, well for 5 of us, the rest were marvelling at Lou’s rather funky looking skin condition and trying to keep dry! After position’s were dealt out the game began.