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BAC2 1 – City of Bath 1

On the eve of the solstice BAC2 took on City of Bath in a sluggish skirmish that whilst underwhelming in terms of play, didn’t lack drama.

Some of the players were taking to the field for the 6th time this week due to tournament successes and understandably were a little tired.  Other players were found down the backs of sofas and after a dusting and picking off bits of fluff were good to go.  BAC2 won the toss and took first push back.

BAC 0 – JASPERS 2 19/06/13

The best thing about this match?  Easy, the final whistle!  Sadly the winning streak ended for abruptly for BAC this week!! I’m not really sure what happened, not coz I was hit on the head with a hockey ball and now resemble a unicorn, but it wasn’t the same BAC of late, we lacked BAC spirit throughout!!

Team Bath Buccaneers Veterans Tournament June 15th 2013 – WINNERS

An in-depth report by Sally Curnow…

When Tinny & Sally turned up to Bath University at 9am, it was them and one umpire! With the way things had gone with the previous weeks summer league fixture and a lack of opposition, they were a bit worried, then after a weird answer phone message from Kay and a little bit of waiting time, the rest of BAC Vets Team turned up! Then eventually and way before the game started other teams turned turned up! Phew, crisis adverted!


Report from Nick Kendall, Hockey Development Manager, University of Bath.

The 7th annual teamBath Veterans Hockey Challenge took place at the University of Bath Sports Training Village on Saturday.

10 Men’s and 6 Ladies sides braved the ever changing weather conditions to enjoy an excellent days competitive hockey.