Frys B 0 – BAC2 4 27/06/13

It felt a little more winter league than summer league as the rain lashed down on all of us, the only way you could tell it was summer was by Hammy’s mahogany tan! A warm up began, well for 5 of us, the rest were marvelling at Lou’s rather funky looking skin condition and trying to keep dry! After position’s were dealt out the game began.BAC2 put the pressure on Frys from the start with the mid field getting the ball up front, a weird force field was around the goal and shots were going everywhere but in, that was until, the strangest thing happened. With a shot from Tinny saved by the keeper, from now where came the ginger goal ninja herself Ms Beezy Wakefield with a strike and BOOM back of the net!!! 0-1 BAC2!

It’s all a bit of a blur after this (it was raining and I wear contact lenses, not a great mix) but these are things I remember, Ceri was like a terrier in centre midfield she didn’t give up for the entire game, Tinny scored 1 of her 3 goals from a zero degree angle on the base line, Coxy bought out her showboating skills and made the Frys players look silly, I was playing in centre midfield and spent a lot of time chasing my tail, Hammy did not once get a speaking to by the umpires, Lor played every position on the pitch except in goal, Jo wore her white top for the very first time.


Chris did a fab job umpiring and having to contend with the Doogie Howser of an umpire Frys brought out.


All in all it was a very good game which everyone wanted the win and everyone carried on fighting till the end. Well done ladies, here’s to more of the same!!

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