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Weston-Super-Mare 1 BAC 8


With our buckets and spades packed we were off to Weston-Super-Mare.  We were all so committed and keen we arrived at the super early time of 10:42!! After a nice leisurely change into our kits we were all out on to the pitch warming up and raring to go, even Becky. Weston however were not, at the other end of the pitch where they  should have been was nothing but tumbleweed. They did eventually come out of hiding and we started the match, and what a start it was.

BAC 2 – Winscombe 5


Bright and early on Saturday morning, BAC 1’s assembled in the autumnal sunshine at Abbywood Community School, all raring to go, varying bits of new kit being shown off, Lor’s astros may cause fitting, approach with caution! We were about to enter the sacred turf…..when Tinny realised she forgot her shorts (idiot), so Tinny and her mini raced off (speeding much?) to get said piece of kit!  It was then our ‘mystery 11th’ player was revealed, none other than the cider drinking, joke cracking Coxy!!!

The warm up started, we were all looking good (even a very poorly Lisa) and ready to take on the opposition.


Training is upon us again!


See you at 7pm Tuesdays at Abbeywood Community School, New Road, Stoke Gifford BS34 8SF!

Tuesday evenings wont be the same again – everyone is welcome…