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BAC 4 – Wick 3


Written By – Sally Curnow

This game not only marked the first hockey game of the winter season, but also back to hockey for Woolly Pulley and the first ‘real’ game for Ginger Em (nickname coming soon).

BAC were all on time, some a little early…..WOOLLER WAS EARLY….and ready to get going, the sun shone brightly on us as Sledge led the way for the warm up, spirits were high (as was I due to the amount of pain killers I’d taken) and we were ready to go!

BAC 4 – Yate2 3


Written By: Tinny ’58 goals’ Oliver

And so the finale arrived.  The last game of a surprising season saw us host Yate2 at Abbeywood.  The day was set to be a corker, 2nd v 4th, blue sky and bright sunshine, a handful of spectators and an afternoon tea party to follow.  With no notes to write this from I cannot be held responsible for getting any of the detail or order of play incorrect…..

Lydney2 0 – BAC 4 (18/03/17)


Written By: Sally Curnow

A bit of a lie in this week as it was a later than normal start for BAC. The away game against Lydney saw us setting off to another country, so with our passports packed and money changed up we were off!

After a few minor issues on the way, which included one car pulling some illegal moves at border control, Becky doing some birthday sick and WP ending up 455 miles in the wrong direction, we were finally on the pitch and ready to go!

BAC v Pucklechurch 6-1 (11/03/17)


Written by:  Crufts Man of the Match Maz the Super Defender – best in breed.

BAC were back on home turf this week and welcomed Pucklechurch to the Abbeywood Stadium of Dreams. In preparation this week we were working on discipline and timing, and toilet training. We also had a focus group working on good manners as demonstrated by Captain Tinny and the art of friendly conversation with your opponents. We were missing Dave and our mascot Ratty McRat Face who were starting their own Watergate scandal – together…