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Bubble Football (16/11/14)

Bubble football definition:

Bubble Football is combining the best aspects of two completely different things to create a truly unique experience.

With the well-loved sport of Football being played in giant bubbles for you to try and play in, it becomes an incredibly hilarious activity to try out with all types of people: whether it be friends, family or even complete strangers.

You’re guaranteed to have a fantastic time!

Old Bristolians 2 – BAC 3 (15/11/14)

Match Report Written By: Liz ‘Steely’ Gaze

Having just about dried off from the monsoon conditions of last week, this week BAC were faced with the challenge of finding the Old B’s pitch in the fog. A game in progress could be heard but only seen from about 10 meters away. Due to the weather, the games were running behind time so a short cross country run and a few taps of the ball later and we were off.