Bubble Football (16/11/14)

Bubble football definition:

Bubble Football is combining the best aspects of two completely different things to create a truly unique experience.

With the well-loved sport of Football being played in giant bubbles for you to try and play in, it becomes an incredibly hilarious activity to try out with all types of people: whether it be friends, family or even complete strangers.

You’re guaranteed to have a fantastic time!

So, we divided ourselves into two teams, Blue v Reds. Red’s having the advantage of being blessed with looks, charm, natural talent and charisma and the Blues having the advantage of ‘Tinny the bulldozer’.

Red Team: Becky, Kay, Sally, Kati Li, Sophie, Lisa and Liz

Blue Team: Tinny, Emma, WP, Coxy, Maz, Cheryl & Bish

After listening to the safety advice from Joe the man with the big balls and whistle we donned our bubbles (which smelt of feet) and the games commenced, hilarity ensued as we all bounced about and hit the deck. These things are not easy to play in, but it is blooming funny. Eventually after a few games the final whistle blew and the Blue team sneaked a 10 -9 victory over the reds.

Then we played the game, last man standing, this is when Tinny the bulldozer and Becky the Bullet used their low centre of gravity to their advantage and took out most of us, Becky taking last man standing literally and took out her own team member Kay! Eventually Tinny was defeated by sly bounce from Sophie, who then got taken out by Cheryl, who then got floored by the bullet. Winner: Becky the Bullet.

A few of us today can be seen wincing in pain with our varying injuries, see below for more info.

Big Thanks go out to Tinny & WP for sorting out and organising this event. Such fun!!


Oh Mazzy

Oh Mazzy





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