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BAC v Blockley (24/11/18) Won 4-2

Written by Maz

BAC welcomed Blockley to the Abbeywood Stadium this week (we’ve had a slight upgrade on the goal front so its definitely a stadium now).

BAC v Royal Wootton Bassett (17/11/18) Won 3-0


Awaiting detailed info from Becky the Bullet…

Man of the match this week went to Red, 2nd place Cheryl and 3rd Woolley

Cirencester v BAC 10/11/18 – Won 2-1

Written By: B.I.S.H

Off the BAC gang went to Cirencester for a top of the league clash.

We all congregated at the Big House and were met by a lovely lady on reception who gave us some helpful tips with regards to the history of the Agricultural college.

Once we were on the pitch, we did a good warm up in the sun.

Both teams then positioned around the centre spot for the respectful silence for Remembrance.

BAC v Bristol University 2 (03/11/18) – Won 4-2

Written By: Sally ‘Artistic Licence’ Curnow 

Bristol University 2 (BU2) turned up with, and this is a guesstimate, 40 players, and an entourage of team management, BAC looked on from the porch, wandering if any of the players remember anything pre millennium, with 1 sub and a coach!

Were we bothered? Were we heck…off we went for a warm up that got us in the zone! Followed by a rousing chat from Coach Andy and Captain Tinny that gave us the extra boost we needed and we were off!!