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November Social

Ladies with moustaches

Or was it the Movember social!!

Match Report ~ BAC 2nds 3 – 2 Westberries 4ths

It was early morning, the pitch was quiet, calm and dimly lit as the sun struggled to push through the thick, slow clouds. The morning dew barely able to glisten.  In the car park 3 figures stood patiently, hands in pockets, shuffling from side to side in an attempt to evade the cold air which surrounded them.

The peace was broken by a car slowly entering the car park.  It pulled into a bay and stopped, it’s driver was reluctant to emerge into the grayness.   She meekly opened the door, turned side on and whilst still seated placed her feet on the ground. This solitary figure clung to her hot takeaway drink seeking some comfort from the early chill and an inner pain.  The weary maiden’s sigh was the only sound and attracted the 3 figures yards away. They approached the lonely girl and uttered the gentle words….

Match Report ~ BAC 5-2 Leominster 03/11/12


Remember, remember the third of November,
Hockey, Leominster and BAC.
We saw no reason
Why Leominster couldn’t be beaten
So beat the them 5-2 Yippee! 

Match Report ~ Westberries 3rds 3 – 3 BAC 2nds 03/11/12

Hockey teas

A brisk morning in Westbury and the BAC second team assembled good and early, our opponents were nowhere to be seen.  There was an early team buzz from news of a BAC 1st team win which was heightened by the arrival of Sophie the second team captain and cheerleader on crutches!

With the appearance of the competition the mood changed, there was a definite feeling that we could win this game.  The warm-up run complete Carrie suggested the team move on with some “stretches and jumpy things”.