Match Report ~ BAC 5-2 Leominster 03/11/12


Remember, remember the third of November,
Hockey, Leominster and BAC.
We saw no reason
Why Leominster couldn’t be beaten
So beat the them 5-2 Yippee! With the BAC torch paper lit we were off, with some cracking passing causing flashes and sparks, a pass from Lisa into Tinny to score, the ball banged into the goal like a fire cracker! 1-0. Leominster at this point just fizzled out, BAC on the other hand were sizzling with sparks flying and with an extravaganza of short sharp passes – Tapper passed the ball in from the left to Lor who shot the ball in the net with a whizz, a pop and a BANG! 2-0. BAC then decided to stand at a safe distance from Leominster, which saw them win a short corner and steal a goal back, 2-1.

BAC decided to re enter the danger area and burst back into the game, zooming up to Leominster’s goal and firing shot after shot at them like fire crackers. Then with a pass from Lisa from the back line, Tinny scored a goal that saw the ball zooming through the keepers legs like a fire flare!! 3-1.

Unfortunately a Leominster player slipped on the embers caused by the flames coming off the super saves made by Becky! The umpire clearly blinded by the flashes gave a penalty, the crowd oooooooohhhhhhhhhed and ahhhhhhhed (I cannot repeat what Cheryl said as it is before the watershed) whilst the umpire, still blinded by the flashes, looked like she was going to stand in for Becky!! Leominster sent the ball screaming into the top corner. 3-2 at half time. BAC started the 2nd half slowly, giving chance for Leominster to have short after short (umpire still blinded) but our defence stayed strong (We have since realised this was because our defence are scared of Becky – She offered to make Cheryl’s face black and blue! eek!) With sparkling displays of hockey by the midfield , it was bangs and flashes galore . A pass from Lisa to Tapper just inside the D (Tapper was yelling at Lor to get off the ball – awkward!) saw Tapper smack the ball into the back of the net which left the goalkeeper spinning like a Catherine Wheel!! 4-2. BAC kept up the superb display bursting and zooming up the pitch making some great attacks. Leominster decided to join the party, but our defence sent them back to the safety line (this could be as Maz ran at them whilst wearing the short corner mask, they didn’t know she couldn’t see) and again we popped and crackled our way through the midfield with some great quick passing and an amazing pass from super left midfielder Sally Curnow to Tinny, saw Tinny burst into the D with a crash and a boom, ignited her stick and BOOM back of the net like a rocket! 5-2.

BAC showed the visitors how it is done with a well choreographed barrage of hockey and goals! 3 points and sitting 4th in the table, get in!!!

Match Facts:
MOTM – Lisa (Kingers), Runners up, Maz, Tinny & Cheryl
New Nick name given – Katie Wooller is now CHAV.
Comment (or best mishear) of the match – 
Trixie ‘I’m helping the 2’s out next week.
Tapper ‘You could come to hockey and have your tooth taken out, you don’t need a dentist.

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