Match Report ~ BAC2 2 vs Thornbury2 3

Record turnout for the Supporters club

So BAC2 were home at Abbeywood ready to fend off Thornbury2. No one could remember the score the last time the 2 teams met and it seemed to get worse the more people you asked, from a 4-1 defeat to 6-0, then up to 7-0 and 7-1. It was actually 4 – 0 on 13th October, but our exaggerated memories served to concentrate the minds of the players and make them determined to take their revenge, even whilst nursing 3 hangovers.

So with the warm-ups and briefings complete, the whole team of 13 knew what was expected of them and where they had to be, that was until the umpire was ready to start the match. The thorough umpires conducted a quick headcount and advised that BAC2 were only fielding 10 players. A moment later and Lou was match ready and running on to assist the team in a fast opening to the game.

Thornbury2 took the initiative and early domination. It was only minutes into the game when Thornbury2’s number 75 was passed the ball on the edge of the BAC2 D and she fired it into the backboards like a smashing thing being smashed with extra smash effect. Goal to the Thorns, BAC2 0 – Thornbury2 1.

Reset and BAC2 showed more intensity and grit. After a slight push back from the Thorns, Ned took the ball and ran 3/4 of the pitch only to have the ball knocked out in line with the Thorns D. Straight in from the sides and some scrappy play right in front of the Thorns goal. The ball rolled back a couple of metres to Gosling and she flicked it up and GOAL! The crowd (all 5 of them) cheered, it was all level again at 1-1.

There then followed a long period of awesome play from BAC2, constant attacks with Ceri feeding the ball in from the centre of the Thorns 23m line, the ball being received by Ned, Gosling, Katie and Ali who pummeled the Thorns with shot after shot but no goals. The Thorns were working very hard and were starting to tire, launching long balls up the field without players available to receive them.

The crowd were lapping up the high intensity of the play, the players were getting tense and it was only a matter of time before the umpire stopped the game to have a chat with Hammy, and then another chat, followed by another. 2-Sticks Soph called Hammy off for a few minutes to cool down and sent on Jo. In this cool down moment 2-Stick passed on the teachings of the ancients to Hammy, “Say what you want, but all in your head”.

A regrouped Thorns took the initiative and pushed into the BAC2 D, pass to Thorns player 75 and another lightening strike hit, goal 2 for her and it was BAC2 1 – Thornbury2 2. BAC2 reset and quickly launched an offensive straight into the Thorns D but again the Thorns defense was too strong.

A period of end to end play followed. Katie and Ali worked a great 1-2 combination to pass the entire Thorns team with the final touch being a pass to Ned, she shot at goal and the keeper saved it. The Thorns responded with their own attack and won a short corner. Played to Thorns 75 and in went another at warp speed. BAC2 1 – Thornbury2 3 and also the half time whistle.

2-Sticks gathered the girls and did the captain talking to the team type thing which I didn’t witness. I assumed there was a stirring speech with a pull on the heart strings, a “you can do it, you just need to believe” type moment and a “let’s do it for little Billy, let’s give him a reason to smile again” type climax. I could be wrong, I probably am.

What is certain is the passion that was now running through the team. Gosling pleaded with 2-Sticks to position her next to Thorns 75. She was like Scooby Doo’s nephew Scrappy Doo screaming “Let me at ’em! Let me at ’em!” With the commencement of the 2nd half, the team and especially Gosling were all guns blazing.

By now some of the BAC 1sts and their supporter, Mr Wilson a.k.a. Twit1, had joined the crowd. BAC2 now had 10 supporters. If BAC2 needed a reason to shine, they could do it for their fans, now was their moment, the time for glory, the time for Mayner to miss an easy pass right in front of the fans.

Gosling was still on fire and no longer passing the ball up the field to her teammates, she had taken to firing the ball up the field at the heads of the Thorns.  Thankfully decapitated opponents were kept to a minimum.

The usual BAC2 supporters were now enjoying a new spectacle,  the reactions of the 1st team supporters as they witnessed for the first time the awesome power, stamina and tone of the 2-Sticks bellow. Mr and Mrs W looked slightly stunned and Griff was amazed. The seasoned BAC2 crowd explained that this was the normal volume for the 2nds Captain, as the staff at Filton B&Q and the passing motorists on the M32 could confirm. Where else could you hear Captain 2-Sticks screaming “Come on girls”, “Who wants it?”, “iiiinnnnnnn!!!!”, “And agaaainnnn”, along with the occasional “Sorry my love.”? Actually, don’t answer that question.

Back on the pitch the ball went to Hammy, there was a messy scramble with the ball and the whistle blew, the BAC2 supporter shouted “Hammy, all in your head, all in your head!”, the umpire made his decision and signaled a bully off, which Hammy won.

Play now continued in front of the Thorns D and after much shenanigans a goal by Lisa for BAC2! The crowd went wild, then fell into formation for a Mexican wave, then danced to the tune of “Ole, ole, ole, ole”. There was a real party atmosphere on the sidelines, we were only 1 goal down! BAC2 2 – Thornbury2 3.

At this point there was only minutes left on the clock and BAC2 pushed hard to get the equaliser. Thorns won a short and wasted it, Hammy had a shot on goal and hit it wide to the chant of Coxy singing “How wide do you want the goal?”.

The full time whistle blew, it was a BAC2 loss, but the best game this season in so many ways. Everyone came off the pitch grinning and it felt like a win. There was a quick warm down and then off to the Parkway for the best teas in the league.

The post game offering was lasagne and garlic bread. Only 2 of the Thorns came back and joined us along with their umpire and coach, shame on them, but they did rate our teas 11/10.

With banging on the tables and cheering the nominees for player of the match were read out. Those nominated were Carrie, Ceri, Hammy, Lisa and Sarah G. It was a tie between Hammy and Sarah but a last minute text vote tipped the balance in favour of Hammy.

On the day there was good weather, great support, great teams, great play, great atmosphere, a fair result and great teas.

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