Daily Archives: December 12, 2012

Match Report ~ BAC2 2 vs Thornbury2 3

Record turnout for the Supporters club

So BAC2 were home at Abbeywood ready to fend off Thornbury2. No one could remember the score the last time the 2 teams met and it seemed to get worse the more people you asked, from a 4-1 defeat to 6-0, then up to 7-0 and 7-1. It was actually 4 – 0 on 13th October, but our exaggerated memories served to concentrate the minds of the players and make them determined to take their revenge, even whilst nursing 3 hangovers.

So with the warm-ups and briefings complete, the whole team of 13 knew what was expected of them and where they had to be, that was until the umpire was ready to start the match. The thorough umpires conducted a quick headcount and advised that BAC2 were only fielding 10 players. A moment later and Lou was match ready and running on to assist the team in a fast opening to the game.