Match Report ~ Lydney 2 – BAC2 4

“Does anyone know where my ball bag is?” was this weeks first prematch kit related text message.  With the location of Sophie’s ball bag still a mystery, the BAC 2nds headed off to Lydney for a mid morning away game.  Lydney is a tropical paradise which is reached via international travel, the tourist board can provide hotel recommendations.

In addition to the 3 points up for grabs this week, we also had an opportunity to see why Lydney were our closest rival for the title “Best teas in the league”.

It was a good start to the day when all the players made it safely and on time to the pitch and we had an abundance of subs, no fatigue for BAC2 this week.   As we got on with our warm-ups the opposition and the umpires turned up and everyone appeared to be happy and friendly which was an unusual change from the stare downs that often precede matches.

Gentle warm-ups.

BAC2 started very strongly and dominated the Lydney half, we had heard that Lydney were recently beaten which boosted our confidence.  3 shorts were awarded in quick succession and all expertly wasted giving Lydney an opportunity to push BAC2 back.  Having not had much to do for the first 5 minutes the BAC2 defense looked a little nervous but managed to clear the ball.

Having enjoyed their little attack on BAC2, Lydney came back again and forced some great saves from Kay, Carrie and Fran.  Still hitting us hard Lydney managed to make the first cut and scored, Lydney 1 – BAC2 0.

BAC2 responded well to being a goal behind and immediately went on the attack.  A great run by Ned and Sarah beat the Lydney defense and there was only the goalie left.  With some frantic passing they both managed to get the ball around the goalie but also ended up getting into a strange twisted position and couldn’t fire the ball in the direction of the goal, a great effort but no goal.

With spirits still high BAC2 kept the pressure up and won 2 more shorts but failed to convert both.  The ball was cleared by Lydney only to be marched straight back by Ned who took it around everyone, this time she rolled it across the line.  It was a goal, the players cheered, the crowd did a Mexican wave, (the umpire threatened the crowd with a yellow card for being so cheesey) and BAC2 were back in the game. Lydney 1 – BAC2 1.

Another period of BAC2 domination followed and another short.  The ball was belted out by Carrie and all the BAC2 attackers missed it!  The ball continued to the centre of the pitch where is was picked up by the Lydney attack and they charged harder than military cavalry.  Fran stepped in to take them down and the ball flicked up from a stick and smacked her straight on the cheek.  The attack stopped, play stopped and ice was called for, again a BAC2 player has taken a ball to the face and stayed standing.  Fran spent the rest of the half on the sidelines.

Like vampires, Lydney became excitable once they had the scent of blood and kept up a relentless attack, a diving save from Kay cleared a messy scramble on the line.  The team now fully inspired, BAC2 went on the attack again with Sarah putting in a long run to be beaten by the goalie.  Still in the Lydney half Ned received the ball, she steadied herself, took aim and fired the ball at warp speed towards the goal…….only a miracle could have stopped that shot, or as it happened, the nose of a Lydney player.  (She went down, more ice needed).

Lydney brought play back to the BAC2 D and fired a shot at goal, at the same time both refs blew their whistles, the ball hit the back of the net and confusion followed.  The refs had a chat and announced that prior to the shot being taken there was a foot foul in the D by a defender and a short was awarded, the 2nd ref who didn’t see this was blowing for time.  The decision was to take the short and once completed, half time would follow.  Whilst a relief that the goal wasn’t awarded, it meant that BAC2 had to face the entire team of Lyndey for the short.  There was no need to panic, the attack was cleared and it was time for oranges.

Following a half time talk from Sophie, it was back on for the second half featuring a recovering Fran.  Lydney came out strongest and quickly scored a goal.  Lydney 2 – BAC2 1.

BAC2 refused to give up and put Lydney under pressure.

Mayner scored a 2nd goal to put BAC2 back in the game.

With the score even a long period of end to end play followed.

Sarah scored BAC2’s 3rd goal putting them ahead for the first time in the game.  With 8 minutes to go the team could taste victory and hopefully a delicious tea.

Before the camera man could ready himself for more of the action BAC2 took the ball straight back to the Lydney goal and Mayner claimed her second goal and made it Lydney 2 – BAC2 4 with only moments to go.  Lydney fought hard to the very end but were unable to change the score.

So off to The Cross to see whether Lydney could do any better with their teas.  The Cross is a nice little pub, a snug interior and teasingly warmed plates and cutlery.  The serving of the day was sausage casserole, chips and fresh bread, a worthy challenger for the best teas title.

Man of the match nominations were gathered and those nominated were Carrie, Fran, Mandy, Ned, Sarah and Spicer, the winner with half the vote was Ned.


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