Match Report 13/10/12 BAC 1 – 1 Jaspers

BAC had a good warm up but you could feel the tension in the air! They had the youth policy on the bench i.e. Bish! Cher was looking forward to catching up with some old friends (don’t tell Sal).

We’re off but BAC haven’t woken up yet! Oops Jaspers are all over us! 15mins gone but BAC still haven’t got out of their own half – O dear Jaspers have scored. That has given the kick start for BAC to start playing, a few shorts but without success. Still 1-0 at half time!

End to end stuff at the beginning of the second half until BAC start to control the possession & finally score a goal – back of the net by Tinny. Unfortunately BAC are not only playing Jaspers but the 12th Man as well, can you guess who that is? The force field around that goal really doesn’t help BAC! Jaspers had a few chances but were continually stopped by the Sledge-end with the help of the solid defence! Nail biting stuff, Beezy couldn’t watch from the side lines but it ends in a draw!


Man of the Match:- Joint 2nd:- Cheryl/Becky/Sal, 1st Deb Leonard (now know as the Sledge-end or the S-Legend, which is best?)

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