Hereford 1 – BAC 2

So today BAC take on top of the table Hereford. After a long car journey, the warm up was a nice opportunity to stretch our legs!

BAC started well from the whistle, stopping a Hereford break in the first couple of minutes, and pushing them back up the pitch. We charged into the opposition D, and the shot went ride. It was a good start nonetheless. The play for the next 10 mins or so, was pretty evenly spread, with both side getting the ball, and pressing forward. Hereford were looking the better team as BAC were finding it difficult to control the ball on the unfamiliar pitch. Hereford were breaking up the pitch, and having had a few shots, and a few saves by the BAC keeper, they were not giving in. They intercepted the ball  on the halfway line, charged forward into the BAC D, and had a shot across the BAC keeper and scoring in the right hand corner.

BAC restarted, and tried to keep our heads up charging up the middle and into the Hereford D. The ball was passed around in the D, with BAC again, unable to penetrate the Hereford defence. Hereford expertly laying the ball off down the middle and once again testing the BAC defence. Some awesome defensive manoeuvres at the back, keeping Hereford from getting a second goal. They broke through into the D again, hitting a BAC foot and being awarded a short. Expertly defended by BAC, getting the ball out of the D and out to the side-line. Hereford were once again, on the attack storming the BAC D and being awarded another short. This one being saved by the BAC keeper and kicked out and picked up by a BAC player. BAC were once again on the attack, but the ball was poached back by Hereford. They dominated most of the rest of the first half, having chance after chance, all being kept out by the BAC defence.


After a short half time talk, BAC were straight back out and ready to go kick some butt!

BAC started the second half strong, and kept pressing the Hereford defence. BAC were awarded a short for a foot in the d. After a quick tactical discussion, BAC were ready to take the short. It was pushed to the top of the d, passed around, then intercepted by the defence. But, BAC did not give up, and got the ball back and once again stormed the d. Another short awarded. Again, hit out to the top, played around the d, and hit another foot. Another BAC short. Same again, BAC just couldn’t seem to break the Hereford defence. We did not give up though, and kept pressing. Bish won the ball at the top of the d, after great pressure on the defender. She hit across the d to Tinny, who converted it to a GOAL! 1-1

Backs heads were up, and we were determined to keep on hounding the Hereford defence to try and get another goal. After more up and down the pitch play, Hereford break down the middle once again into the BAC D- tragedy strikes, Sally smacked in the head by the attackers stick……… Lisa Bs quick strip show, meant she was ready to relieve a dazed Sally! No need, she was back on her feet and ready to kick some ass!

After a few more shorts awarded against BAC, that were expertly handled by the BAC defence, we once again found ourselves charging back up the pitch. With not long left in the game, BAC were awarded yet another short. After a quick pause to compose ourselves, we were ready to go with the short. A push from Maz, to the top of the D where Tinny was waiting. She had a strike, which was saved by the Hereford keeper. The ball was lose after the rebound, picked up by Tinny and into the back of the net! Goal 2-1 to Bac. A few moments later, the final whistle was blown and BAC stole a well deserved win.


Man of the match –



M.O.T.M - B.I.S.H

M.O.T.M – B.I.S.H

Second- Dave, Becky, Sledge

Third- Sally and Emily

Hereford Fun:


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