Westberries2 4 – BAC 3

Written By: Red Pollock

Remember, remember the 4th November, hockey sticks, fireworks and bruises!

This week saw us playing on a lovely autumnal afternoon with quite a chill in the air, meaning the warm up included an extra jog via the loos!

With Tinny’s team talk completed we were ready to light the touch paper and let the show begin. To get us underway we were straight in with the attack with Tinny who had a perfect shot on goal which was blocked by Kingers on the line… with that little faux pas out the way BAC came back to attack with Liz taking a strike from the top of the D and with a little deflection this time off their defender and into the net! Boom 1-0 BAC.

Westberries were quick to level it 1-1 and then score again bringing it to 2-1!

The whistle blew for half time and before we had a chance to get out breath back Bish was down stretching in a very interesting position, replicating something from One Born Every Minute! With a sparkling half time talk it was back to it for the 2nd half.

This was the half where quite literally fireworks went off!

It was Déjà vu when Liz again took a strike from the top of the D and the defender kindly deflected it in off her foot to bring us back level.

However, they reacted with a quick counter attack and one on one with Gemma making it 3-2.

Having been an epic umpire for the BAC 2’s game earlier in the day it seemed that all the running had taken its toll on Cheryl as she went down with cramp, calling for our beautiful cheerleader, side-line coach and slut drop queen Sally-Anne to help her stretch out and get her onto the side of the pitch. (Fyi I did not edit this – Sally)

Wanting to get back level Maz then took matters into her own hands and ventured into the attacking D, with some great following up by all the forwards she then smashed the ball into the back of the net! Boom 3-3!

Liz went down with a hamstring injury and amongst all this Maz picked up a majestic bruise which does look like a dodgy tattoo of a bear! Westberries then took the lead making it 4-3 for the final score.

What can you see??

What can you see??

This match report was created after a fabulous evening @ the Oliver’s Mansion which I found using the treasure map provided and the treasure was the deliciously famous tin cake. If you need me, you can find me in their fridge!!

1st Lizzie G

MOTM Lizzie G

MOTM Lizzie G

2nd Cheryl

3rd Maz, Gemma & Sledger

4th Sally


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