BAC 4 – Wick 3

Written By – Sally Curnow

This game not only marked the first hockey game of the winter season, but also back to hockey for Woolly Pulley and the first ‘real’ game for Ginger Em (nickname coming soon).

BAC were all on time, some a little early…..WOOLLER WAS EARLY….and ready to get going, the sun shone brightly on us as Sledge led the way for the warm up, spirits were high (as was I due to the amount of pain killers I’d taken) and we were ready to go!

From the whistle BAC were a little tentative, but some good positive calling and defensive play we got going. A ball out from Dave to Liz saw Liz drive up the pitch to the D, where she passed in to Tinny, who took a shot, but it was knocked out by the GK to Lisa B, who held it up and passed into Sledger, who knocked it home. BOOM GOAL! 1-0

BAC’s tails  were high and we continued to add some pressure on the Wick defence, but we came a little undone. A short corner was awarded to Wick, and they scored! 1-1

BAC upped the tempo and with some strong play in midfield from Ceri, Liz, Sally & WP BAC upped their attack. Tinny won 10 points in the crossbar challenge after running the ball in the D from the 23 and taking an awesome strike….clang top centre of the crossbar!

BAC dusted off and came back into the game, so good play in defence from Maz and an on fire (not literally) Dave saw anymore Wick chances thwarted. From some great play in midfield from Liz and Ceri the ball was passed up the line to Kingers who drove it to the back line, crossed it across the Keepers pads to a waiting Ginger Emily who smashed it home, first ‘proper’ goal in a red shirt! 2-1

The last few mins of the half saw Gem make some cracking saves to keep the score 2-1 at half time

BAC started the half very sluggish, which meant Wick came at us and from the off were attacking our D. Although Dave, Maz and Gem did there best to keep them at bay, a miss timed ball from defence gave Wick the advantage and they sneaked in a goal – Dave get’s the assist 😉 2-2

We dusted ourselves off, sorted ourselves out and with some clear calls of support for each other we were back on the attack, flooding the Wick D with several short corners and attacking play. Tinny has some great goal opportunities scuppered by the on form Wick keeper who wouldn’t let them past!

We continued the attack with some cracking play up the right side between Ceri, WP and Kingers. With a pass from WP to a waiting Sledger who took a shot, which she missed but then there was some table tennis (Dave’s words not mine) with the ball end Em picked it up and it bobbled into the goal!! Get in. 3-2

BAC carried on the attack, this is not to take anything away from Wick, they played a great game and did put us under pressure, but Dave wasn’t having any of it and with the help of Maz and Gem, kept the ball out of the D. Gem even showcased a back handed save. Nice.

The attack were hungry for another goal, so working togeather they scored a corker, Tinny passed the ball out to Ginger Em, who did a hard sweep into the D, to Lisa B who was in the perfect position to deflect the ball up in to the goal. GOAL of the game 4-2!

With time running out BAC took the foot off the gas a little, allowing Wick into the D, where they were awarded a short corner, with the final whistle blown the entire team were around our D….a good short corner routine saw them score. 4-3.

Quality start to the winter season, onwards and upwards for BAC.


1st Dave – For being amazing in defence and controlled in the hit outs, well deserved winner

2nd Emily – For being ginger and some cracking crosses into the D

3rd Maz, Ceri, WP and Kingers


MOTM – Dave

We are in the process of finding a nickname for Ginger Emily, names so far are Bull’s-eye (horse from ToyStory) or Red Rum (Horse theme as she owns horses) More will be discussed and voted on, at teas at the next game.

Comment of the match well teas – ‘teas were exquisite and a taste sensation’ – Ginger Emily

Note for opposition umpires – It’s TINNY not TILLY!



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