BAC 4 – Yate2 3

Written By: Tinny ’58 goals’ Oliver

And so the finale arrived.  The last game of a surprising season saw us host Yate2 at Abbeywood.  The day was set to be a corker, 2nd v 4th, blue sky and bright sunshine, a handful of spectators and an afternoon tea party to follow.  With no notes to write this from I cannot be held responsible for getting any of the detail or order of play incorrect…..

The whistle went and we got the game underway, a good interception by Yate however, gave them a solid 5 minutes of possession, putting BAC under some early pressure.  The defence held strong and cleared the attacks.  A couple of shorts later and BAC were on the counter attack, a quick bit of passing from Liz to Kingers to Tinny resulted in the first goal of the game, BAC 1 – Yate2 0.  The game the opened up again, almost from the restart as Yate pressed BAC, but BAC got going and started using the flowing passing that had seen them so well during the rest of the season. 

Then came the first long break of the game.  A lifted ball saw the Yate2 Captain be struck on the forehead and the blood flowed.  An attempted patch up job didn’t do the job and she was taken off to hospital, where she later received 8 stiches and 2 black eyes.  GET WELL SOON KIRSTY! 

Restart a loooooooong time later…some great attacking play from Sledger and Sally earnt us a short corner, we know the routines by now……and BOOM, 2-0.  At the restart even Kingers remembered the hold and after foiling Yate2’s attack, BAC were at it again, moving the ball from side to side, with Chez attacking the right line from the back and WP making forward runs.  Yate2 then had a flurry of shorts, and a well worked routine gave them their first goal of the game, 2-1.  GAME ON!! 

Getting straight back into it and BAC were on the attack, a lovely run into the D saw Kingers press for the back line, cut the ball back to Tinny who was in front of the goal, one touch to set and then BOOM, 3-1.   It was an open game for the rest of the half – which seemed like we had been playing all morning, with Kay making some important saves in goal and Maz saying calm under the pressure. 

Half time.

From the start Yate2 came out like they meant business.  But neither team wanted to be beaten, not least because IF hopeful relegation dodgers Pucklechurch could beat top of the table RedlandUWE either one of us could be promoted.  Get ready for an edge of your seat second half…..or those that follow the great Sir Alex will fondly refer to it as ‘Squeaky bum time!!’  Yate2 had the majority of the possession and pressed hard, occasional plays from BAC used the wings, Kingers, Liz, Sally and Brownie busying themselves gaining ground and free hits.  One break found Tinny in the D, wide of goal, and a reverse strike, found the far corner of the goal, 4-2 and there was bit of daylight again!!.  Bish was controlling the midfield play and creating space for the ball to be intercepted from worryingly increasing Yate attacks – one of which they converted, making it 4-3. 

Utter disaster……from a clearance from the back, a slight touch from a Yate stick and a final touch on the ball from Sledgers stick – the ball rose and smashed Sledger straight in the face.  There was another long break whilst the Yate2 Doctor was busy for the second time in the match.  Sledger being the Sledgend she is took herself off to the side for a bit of mothering and ice.  She can now be seen sporting a proper golf ball sized shiner, but luckily no further damage.  On came injury sub Dave to reappear from her work/injury/work/injury phase of the season.

THEN…..suddenly BAC found themselves in a goal line scramble, the post had been rattled and finally a foot on the line stopped the ball……FLICK.  With Kay standing strong the whistle went and YEAH….she only went and saved it.  But from there it was pretty much Yate2 all the way, they hit both bars, had saves off the line and narrowly missed several times.  BAC defence held strong and the final whistle FINALLY blew around 120 mins after we first started!!  We end the season on a win and a fabulous game.

An afternoon club tea party followed…where the news filtered in that PUCKLE BEAT REDLANDUWE…”WE ARE TOP OF THE LEAGUE, WE ARE TOP OF THE LEAGUE”who needs a cherry on top the afternoon tea cake when that happens?!



Eye Eye....

Eye Eye….

Chin Chin

Chin Chin

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