Lansdown 5 – BAC 0 (17/01/15)

Written by: Tinny ‘Two Pairs of Trainers’ Oliver

After a slightly longer lie in than usual on a Saturday we made our way in the cold, crisp morning sun to Gloucester to take on Landsdown (or was it Gloucester Woolley Pully?!)  Excitement was in the air in the pre-match warm up…..first league game after Crimbo, Bish and Tinny being able to play on the pitch they missed out on last year and the first team shopping trip of the year to look forward to on the way home!!  That was until we went into the changing rom and found a rather large unpleasant, smelly thing in the toilet making half the team heave in unison.  Things were left to Captain Kingers to ‘sort out’.  After the discovery and introduction of ‘ Dave’ (Ask Lucy for details) to the team, attention finally turned to the match!!

With a familiar line up and warm up, the whistle went.  In the first few minutes BAC looked to gain an early control of the game.  Some short sharp passing around the midfield and laying the ball wide, for Sally to attack down the line, had left Lansdown on the back foot, with their keeper making a few early saves and clearances.  Then Lansdown seemed to gain in confidence, sweeping the ball across the pitch with unnerving ease at times (something we heard they had been training on).  Some stellar defending at the back by WP, Chez, Maz and with Becky the Bullet throwing herself around, the score stayed at 0-0.  Until Lansdown were awarded short and slotted it away.  1-0.  A few minutes later and another goal…..2-0.

BAC won a short and a reverse sweep towards the far top corner and Liz eagerly waiting from it to drop down, led to gasps of hope, but the whistle went AGAIN and it was a free hit to Lansdown.

Lansdown continued to apply pressure, which lead to another goal, well dispatched from a short corner right on the half time whistle.  3-0. Half time.

Despite the half time team talk, Lansdown hit straight back and had a scoring chance right from the off.  This seemed to wake BAC up as we started to break play down and make more chances.  Sledger pushed forward in the middle, causing confusion in the Lansdown defence, with Liz and Kingers putting pressure down the right side-line.  Kingers cracked a few balls in from wide, which despite some good shots coming off, none were converted, mainly due to the goalie who seemed to turn herself into the famous Chelsea FC bus, stopping everything with her feet, pads and stick.  As BAC pushed higher up the pitch, the game opened up and both teams had chances as they hit each other on the break.  Whereas Cheryl was hitting/throwing her stick at the floor, as a self-confessed moment of frustration took over! The luck was clearly in Lansdown’s corner this week as they found themselves 4-0 up, courtesy of a Maz goal and then 5-0 from a great finish by Sledger……can we get in in the right end next week please!!


The final whistle went leaving a slightly dejected BAC with a score line on 5-0.  Heads up ladies and onto next week, rejuvenated and hungry for 3 points.  I’m sure the free ‘foot bath’ in the showers helped lift spirits!!


Off to the pub for sausage and chips, a friendly chat about waterproof jackets, the Twitter feed, shopping to forget the score line and Man of the Match….this week we have:

3rd – Liz & Lisa

2nd – Maz & Cheryl

1st – Dave

Things people forgot this week:

Maz – Towel

Kingers  – Bra…….

Leading to Comment of the day from…Kingers to the pub dog ‘get away from my b**bs’



This is how we all felt about the scoreline

This is how we all felt about the scoreline

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