BAC 3 – Cirencester 1 (25/10/14)


Match report by Katie Woolley-Nutty-Pulley

Today’s game felt slightly different for the BAC team; Gaps and Tinny were “en vacances” in France and were missing their first BAC game since circa 1994. This resulted in a bit of a team reshuffle with a number of positional and personnel changes. Lor was back in the forward line and, with the help of an early morning Red Bull, was all fired up and ready to fly up the wing.

The start of the game can only be described as chaotic. BAC were unlucky to concede a short corner within 30 seconds and, after safely clearing the ball, were trying to settle into the new positions and work out who to mark. This was proving difficult and eagle-eyed Becky spotted why – Cirencester (who had started the game with 11 outfield players as their keeper was late) had found themselves with 12 players on the pitch after a miscommunication when the keeper came on.

After player numbers were evened out, BAC pushed forward and the next 10 minutes saw sustained pressure by BAC. Unfortunately, despite a large number of short corners, we were unable to turn this pressure into goals. The rest of the first half was pretty frantic, with numerous chances for both sides. Cirencester ended the half well but the BAC defence kept them at bay.

At half time, the message was to keep up the good work and the goals would come.   However, the short corner rate was a concern particularly knowing what comments Twit 1 was probably writing on the sidelines! At teas later, usual defender Cheryl (who had been involved on attacking shorts for the first time in a while) did admit “it’s not as easy as it looks”.

Once the whistle blew for the second half, we pushed forward in pursuit of that elusive goal. After a few minutes, the ball was worked up the left by Liz and into the D. After a bit of pinballing around the D, Lor got her stick to the ball and put BAC one nil up.

We regrouped well from the restart and were soon attacking again. Some good pressure won a short, which Bish pushed out to Deb. Deb then slipped it to Lisa who slotted the ball in off the post to make it 2-0.

Special mention should go to the fact we actually switched the ball across the back – at least twice! It was indicative of a calm and confident defensive effort from the entire BAC back division. This came in handy when Cirencester really pushed to get on the scoresheet. Maz stuck to her opposite number like glue to mark her out of the game, Becky bossed it from the back and made some good saves and right-back Sally made some timely interceptions.

From a sideline on the right Cheryl played a great ball down the wing to Emma. Emma then surged past the defender and rounded the keeper before slotting the ball into the goal to make it 3-0.

Cirencester were not deterred though and they started to dominate possession. Becky stopped one promising attack by running out of the D to clear the ball, which gave Lisa a little panic! Other Cirencester breaks left their centre forward in the D winding up to strike but these were all stopped by some good low blocks from Woolley-Pulley.

Bish picked up an unlucky yellow card in the final few minutes and a Cirencester got a clear strike on goal from the ensuing short, which Becks almost cleared but it slipped just below her stick. BAC had a brief panic but then regrouped well and kept Cirencester from scoring further goals with some composed tackling and possession play. The final whistle went and the win was confirmed.

Player of the match was awarded to Katie, Emma came in second and Cheryl’s novel forays into the D earned her third place. There was much hilarity at teas as we thought the MOTM prize was an innocuous pack of nuts. About 5 minutes later, I thought I’d open the nuts to share them around only to jump out of my skin when I found find there was a surprise inside.

BAC are now a solid 3rd place in the league so let’s have more of the same after the half term break please, Ladies.


Katie W-P wins a nutty MOM

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