Marlborough 11 – BAC 3

Written by – Marie Davis

This week’s game started with a very early wake up call and a trek over to the splendidly fancy Marlborough College. We arrived at the unfamiliar pitch after taking a more scenic route of Marlborough and after some assistance from helpful man, to see that the Marlborough pitches were bright blue. However, unfortunately for us, the sky wasn’t looking quite the same way. After a soggy start walking round in the rain trying to locate the changing rooms (half asleep obviously), we began the warm up alongside the slightly intimidating Marlborough Ladies.The first half was ‘uneventful’, with a few (7) goals being slipped between BAC’s posts. The team really came alive after a motivational speech at half time from the Captain, Lisa, who changed the game around. We forgot the first half and battled on into the second half, not giving up when Marlborough got some lucky breaks, really showing some BAC spirit. Even when Marlborough were approaching double figures for goals, the team pulled together for Tinny to score the first BAC goal, which was from some great teamwork from Bish and Tinny.

The first goal by BAC really brought everyone together in the fight to win back some more goals. The team started working forward with positivity to result in a second goal for Tinny, with help from Liz and the other forwards. However, BAC’s fighting spirit did cause some casualties in the second half. In their enthusiasm to win the ball, Sally had a taste of gymnastics by doing the splits and Liz had an equally acrobatic tumble whilst running alongside the opposition, resulting in some sore spots.

Nearing the end of the second half, an invisible green card made an appearance for Bish, the existence of which is a mystery. The match did seem to be going on a long time by the time Marlborough reached double figures of goals, however BAC’s determination and fighting spirit was rewarded by one last goal. It was a hatrick for Tinny, but the effort came right from the back, with some textbook play up the pitch in triangles, up to the attacking D for Tinny to flick into the goal.

Although the score line finished at an unfortunate 11-3, a lot of lessons were learnt and BAC’s battle to the end was respected by all (including the opposition!). As usual, the changing rooms were full of flamboyant singing and accusations of shower hogging, and Tea’s to follow was a great show of team spirit. It was a first that BAC were the last people in the club house, which almost resulted in the acquisition of a new sofa, if it wasn’t for the majority of the team going for a Christmas shopping trip as a post-hockey treat.

Man of the Match Results:

1st Tinny the Hatrick Hero

2nd Sledger

3rd Maz, Becky, Bish & Marie

Katie got D**k of the day for choosing to go to the Rugby instead of playing hockey (who would ever do that?!).

Smurf Turf - Posh mind!

Smurf Turf – Posh mind!

Man of The Match - Tinny 3 goals


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