BAC 5 – Westberries 2

Written by – Sledger

We were back at home this week on a cold and murky morning.  We welcomed Ceri to the fold. Maz had won the lottery, well a fiver is better than nothing, and she was also sporting a new stick bag!

BAC started reasonably well and we were rewarded with a short corner which was superbly smashed into the back of the goal by Tinny.

Westberries put the pressure back on BAC with a flurry of short corners.  Cheryl’s foot took a battering but the brave heart carried on and made a crucial clearance off the line to keep BAC in front.

Our second goal soon followed. After an initial shot was saved by the keeper, Tinny connected with the ball only for it to spin around the keeper into the goal. One of those moments when you put your hand up and say “sorry keeper”, but anyway, they all count no matter how they go in. 2-0.

Unfortunately Westberries scored the third goal of the match to make it 2-1.

The best thing to do after conceding is to go and score yourselves and that’s just what BAC did.  Some great work by Lisa down the right was rewarded with a goal to make it 3-1.  The two goal cushion was restored for now.

After a positive team talk at half time BAC were ready to take the field of play. Unfortunately we conceded a goal.  BAC then seemed to panic a bit and go through a period of nervous play but we battled hard and fought off waves of pressure from our opponents.  Becky’s expedition outside of the area was an interesting moment.  It was a good job she ‘warmed’ up before the game started by running to the toilet!

Calmness was restored when BAC’s fourth goal came. The ball rebounded out and was picked up by Liz just outside the D who then slipped a pass to Tinny who completed the move to make the score 4-2.

Our fifth goal was scored by Sally after some good interplay between the Liz and Tinny.  Final score 5-2. (edit: My goal was way more exciting than this).

Overall, a hard fought game was rewarded with a very welcome win and three valuable points.  We just need to make sure we maintain the same battling performance throughout the whole game to ensure we get the right results in forthcoming matches.

Man of the Match:

3rd place – Cheryl and Katie;

2nd place Bish, Lisa, SALLY;

1st place Tinny who no doubt spent Saturday evening partying to her Lionel Ritchie EP, Dancing on the Ceiling!

D**k of the Day: Marie for not being available to play this week

We must also mention our lucky mascot Big Daddy Lewis who will hopefully showing his face next week to help us get another 3 points!!??

MOTM - Hatrick Queen

MOTM – Hatrick Queen

We all need a little lionel in our lives...

We all need a little lionel in our lives…


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