BAC 6 – Leominster 3 (26/10/13)

Written by – Katie Curly Wurly Woolly Pully

This week’s game was against Lisa’s pals from Leominster and, after a long discussion about whether to shelter from the storm in a hottub whilst drinking wine (yes, that was the best plan we came up with), BAC were fired up ready to go for the three points.

The game started off at a lightning pace, with some end to end breaks from both sides. After a few minutes, Leominster’s No.8 finished off a quick break with a clinical finish to make it 1-0. But BAC were not deterred and they soon took the wind out of Leominster’s sails. The ball was worked up the right to Lisa who struck it across the face of goal, for Sally to finish at the far post. Shortly after came the moment of the match; Maz stole the ball from a Leominster player in the BAC D, then pushed the ball wide to Sally. After some quick passing between the three forwards, Lisa played a beauty of a ball through the middle to put Deb one-on-one with the keeper. Deb stormed away from the defender, drew the keeper and cool as you like slipped the ball to the keeper’s right.

BAC continued to put (high) pressure on the Leominster defence and soon won a short corner. Tinny struck it sweetly and the ball thundered past the keeper to make it 3-1 to BAC. It was another end-to-end goal that made it 4-1; Becky put in a cracking save, Deb picked up the rebound, feeding the ball on to Sally. Sally held the ball up, drew the defenders and passed to Tinny to finish off the move.

At the half time team talk, Captain Lisa was keen for more of the same. So, at the start of the second half, wave upon wave of BAC attacks put more pressure on the Leominster defence. Some great crosses were raining in from Tapper on the right and there were a few near misses as BAC flooded the D with players, before Tinny made it 6-1 after a lay off from Bish.

Leominster surged forward and won a long series of short corners. Thanks to the new defensive short corner routine, shot after shot was blocked by the BAC defence or Becky and the score remained 6-1. But just when BAC thought they had weathered that storm, Leominster won another short corner and, after a neat one two, a Leominster player finally managed to get a shot past the BAC defence to make it 6-2.

I have had a number of requests asking me not to mention the last 5 or so minutes of the game. I can’t for the life of me think why….I mean it’s not like we could possibly have had a player green-carded, started world war 3 amongst our own team and contrived to score an own goal when Katie’s goalline clearance trickled in to the goal off the back of Becky’s retreating pads all in the space of 5 minutes. Oh wait….

Those few minutes aside, it was a storming performance and a well deserved win. Water good result.

Player of the Match:

3rd: SALLY, Bish and Katie
2nd: Tapper
1st: Deb

Silly sausage of the day: Liz for being on holiday for a league game

Comment of the day: Maz to Leominster at teas “Don’t lick all the sausages”

Scary MOTM

Scary MOTM

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