Match Report ~ Redland UWE3 3 vs BAC2 4

First match of the new year and BAC2 were away to Redland UWE.  Most of the team were moaning of Christmas excess but we were only sporting 1.5 hangovers, (the 0.5 comes from there being much debate as to whether one of our players was still drunk and therefore not hungover).

Our opposition were a young team (aren’t they all) and their star player could be easily identified by the fact she was wearing pajamas.  For this match the opposition was providing both umpires and as a treat and for the first time this season, both were ladies, one was very lovely, lovely indeed.

You could see as the teams warmed up that this was going to be another game of experience versus youth.  When the whistle blew it was actually BAC2 who came out of the blocks fastest and immediately dominated the match.  Within minutes of the start BAC2 were smashing the ball at the goal but just couldn’t get it in.  There was the odd break from Redland where they ran at our goal but nothing came of these efforts.  The best Redland managed was a long pass which saw their attacker 1 on 1 with BAC2 goalie Kay, Kay flew out of the goal so fast it was clear she was aiming for both the ball and the player.  Having taken out the ball first, it was deemed a good save/tackle and no goal conceded.

Shot after shot BAC2 kept firing at the Redland goal but the Redland defence kept the score at 0-0.  Sophie was getting louder with every Redand save to the point she risked exploding.  This was clearly going to be the first match this season where BAC2 were going to open the scoring.

The first half continued like this for 30 minutes and it was almost inconceivable that BAC2 were going to finish the first half 0-0 after such a strong performance.  Then something weird happened, something quite bad, the whole BAC2 team seemed to just stop.  Only for a moment the whole team decided to have a few seconds to rest, take in the views, watch the Redland team run right through them and score a goal just before the half time whistle.  The players and supporters couldn’t believe it, all that effort practically wasted.

Half time was called and the score was Redland 1 – BAC2 0.

The half time talk was a venting of frustrations.  Problems were discussed and ways to address them decided.  With a resolution to shake off the silly goal and get back into the game, the players ran on for the second half.

Reds were quickly off and looking buoyed by their goal quickly ran up the pitch, passed to Miss PJs and in went goal number 2.  BAC2 took it on the chin and reset.  The ball quickly found it’s way back to the Redland team who quickly reintroduced it to the back of our net. Redland 3 – BAC2 0.

To say the BAC2 team looked deflated would be an understatement, all the players looked like they had lost a winning lottery ticket, all but one.  Hammy didn’t look too pleased, she was going for every ball and winning most of them.  It wasn’t long before Hammy was in the Redland D with the ball and planting it into the back of the net.  Redland 3 – BAC2 1.

The team started to shrug off the 3 goals conceded and one by one started to back up the attack and play for goals.  With half the BAC2 players in the Redland D, the ball found its way to Ali who popped in goal 2, the crowd and players were sensing something good on the horizon.  Redland 3 – BAC2 2.

A quick reset by Redland and BAC2 were quickly reclaiming the ball and marching down on the Redland goal.  Like an action replay, the ball found Ali who redirected it to the back of the net.  The crowd were screaming for joy as the score became Redland 3 – BAC2 3.  We were back in the game.

With 5 minutes to go BAC2 won a short which was defended by Redland, a sloppy clearance and Gosling had a….er…”long”….shot on goal and scored!!  From 3-0 down we were now 4-3 up!  Oxygen and sedatives were required for the fans who were now going wild.

The dilemma facing the team was whether to continue trying to score goals or play defensive and survive the last 3 minutes without conceding another goal.  The team appeared to play for goals and their attacking play kept the action out of harms way until with 1 minute left a Redland break saw them win a short corner.  Everyone held their breath, could this be the moment we let the game we had dominated slip away?  The short was taken, there was a scramble for the ball and suddenly it was cleared and flying down the pitch!  The whistle blew and we had won!

There were hugs all round as the players congratulated themselves on a great match.  Apart from the wobbly 10 minutes in the middle, the game was owned by BAC2 and the result fair.

A quick debate as to whether we should apologise to the opposition for our enthusiastic supporters was conducted, no action was taken and then it was off to the Parkway as the “visiting team”.  Sausage, beans and chips were provided which matched the style of teas to which we had become accustomed.  A great bonus about the fixture was the fact our “away” teas coincided with the 1sts home teas, so after a short walk of 10 yard along the bar, we caught up with the 1st team for a post Christmas chinwag.

Player of the match was Hammy and richly deserved too.


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