BAC v Newent (01/02/20) 3-5

‘Tinny scores hat trick in Newent 5-3 crunch match’ by Emzy Oliver.

The BAC crew traveled to Newent on Saturday in the hope to carry on their winning streak and claim those golden 3 points which were desperately needed to keep the hopes of pulling BAC out of the relegation zone alive.

The game didn’t start as planned an a Newent opened the scoring with a scrabble at the goal, it didn’t even phase us as we were straight back in the game , with a fabulous  team performance link up of Wooller & new Debs then on  to Sledge who was on the base line to feed an awesome diagonal back to Tinny who showed Newent we were up for a fight and made the game 1-1. Newent managed another to make it 2-1, then things went strange…

Newent were next to score from an extraordinary circumstance. Newent were on the attack in the D, they lost control of the ball which went off the back line, the ball hit a water bottle which pinged it back onto the pitch. PJ and the defenders stopped play to take a 16, Newent picked the ball up and carried on playing and slammed the ball in the goal. The umpire signalled a goal. Our captain put the point across that it was significantly out of play off the back line, and after a considerable amount of time in discussions with the umpires, sadly, the goal stood which made the score 3-1.

BAC still kept fighting, Emzy made a run up the wing and along the base line, shielded the ball long enough for Tinny to appear, Emzy made a strong underarm pass right into the path of Tinny’s stick and like a rocket the ball pinged against those backboards. 3-2 !!!

BAC fought relentlessly at the Back with PJ making some cracking saves, Maz, Dave, Briony and Wooller faced a sea of short corners! Unfortunately, Newent managed to slip 2 more in making the score 5-2. Such great play from all defenders and some great well worked balls out from defense out to Ruth who was linking up well with Brownie and Wooller helped BAC keep pushing forward,

With a tactical decision to go for goals, Debs, Sledge, Ruth, Brownie and Wooller took control in the middle of the pitch and more triangular and passing play started to happen, BAC were still hungry for goals and were making their way up the pitch as a team.

Emzy picked a loose ball, she battled her way through 4 Newent players, stick tackled, pushed and elbowed along the way, no whistles from the umpire in BAC favor, she once again fed the ball to Tinny who maneuvered the final defender out the way and had a clean strike on goal she wound her stick up, connected sweetly with the ball, the ball was firing towards goal……. Then just before the ball went over the line the umpire blew his whistle signalling for the previous foul, so the goal didn’t stand and BAC were frustratingly awarded a short corner!!!!

Sadly there was a definite theme throughout the game of no decisions going the BAC way, one being a spectacular take-down of our Sledge, not even a peep of a whistle. New Debs even had a telling off from the umpire when she said ‘YES GET IN’ as she was celebrating we won a short corner.

Time to try one f our many fabulous short corner routines. Wooller started the piece which found a waiting Tinny who perfectly slot the ball in the net to give her a HAT TRICK!!! The score was now 5-3.

BAC kept on fighting and didn’t give up until once again the whistle didn’t go the BAC way and it was blown for the end of the match. Final score Newent 5 – BAC 3.

In true BAC fashion everyone went into the changing room still with hope, still together as one and still wanting to fight another day. Even fond the spirit to film an episode of Naked Attraction ?

MOM votes went to New Deb, Sledge and Tinny,  Tinny came out with most votes for her spectacular HAT TRICK. Sadly its was her last game of the season as she is Out of Action having an op. We wll miss you Tinny lets hope we can bring home the result in the next game v Redland

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