Match Report ~ Cheltenham Civil Service 2 – BAC 0


After an early start, BAC travelled up to Cheltenham searching for the first win of 2013. The first fifteen minutes saw both teams start tentatively, scoping each other’s defences out. BAC started to string together some promising attacks and Sally scored a goal, only for it to be disallowed for a BAC foot.

The beginning of the second half was all BAC, with some neat play up the right by Liz and Lisa putting the Cheltenham defence under pressure. There were a few close calls in front of the Cheltenham goal, including a deflected short corner that was well saved by the keeper, and a top D strike from Katie that went just wide. Despite this pressure, Cheltenham managed to break away and a strong cross into the D took a big deflection and the score was 1-0 to Cheltenham. BAC heads dropped and frustration crept in but they went after the equaliser.

Lor was chastised by the umpire for encouraging the rest of the team but the team still piled pressure on the Cheltenham goal. Despite a few short corners and sustained pressure from BAC, a goal wasn’t forthcoming. To add insult to injury, Cheltenham managed to sneak a second goal from a short corner in the last play of the match. As Jose Mourinho would put it the best team lost.

After what was a pretty gut-wrenching loss, the team drowned their sorrows at the bowling social and got in a bit of air hockey practice. But the team can take a lot from what was a good performance at Cheltenham and will be using that to go all out for the win this weekend against Firebrands.

Dick of the day – despite yet another sock colour incident, this week’s dick of the day went to Maz who forgot half of her clothes for the trip back. Specifically the top half.

Least she's wearing a sweatshirt!

Least she’s wearing a sweatshirt!

Player of the match – Cheryl was the runner-up this week, with Lisa bagging the top prize.

Lisa wins the star prize

Lisa wins the star prize

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