Hockey can’t happen without umpires so if you are interested in becoming an umpire we can arrange for your training and have you blowing a whistle in no time!

What can umpiring offer you?

It can help you build up a good relationship with the players, both on and off the field.

You can enjoy their hospitality in the clubhouse, either over tea or a drink at the bar.

Accept their gratitude for helping them to have a fair and enjoyable game.

Umpiring is challenging!

You will need to be fit to keep up with play.

You will need to read the game to anticipate what will happen next and to be in the correct place to spot it.

You will need to take in all elements of the rules and current interpretations into account.

You will need to be able to ‘sell’ your decisions to the players both during the game and in the bar afterwards.


Get off your couch and don’t be a potato!

Umpiring will help you keep fit and active (mentally and physically).

If you are interested please get in touch.