Match Report ~ Westberries3 3 vs BAC2 1

As is becoming my custom, I arrived half way through the 1st half to provide live tweet reports and cheer on the magnificent ladies of the 2nd BAC team.  To set the scene, it was another match in freezing temperatures, supporters were few and the goals were less being 0-0.

I quickly asked the opposition supporters for their assessment of the match so far and their faces suggested this wasn’t a classic battle demonstrating the best of the game.  Our supporters assessment was that it was a little scrappy with both sides failing to seize control.

With Westberries3 on the attack down the right hand side Griff was demonstrating skill and precision as she dropped down on one knee with her stick extended to pick up the ball and then clear it.  (The springing back to her feet part was still a work in progress).  When Westberries followed up with a similar attack Griff thwarted their advancement with the same tactic, this time the umpire blew the whistle and awarded a hit to Westberries.  Griff asked the umpire politely (with her eyes bulging, puffing and panting hard and slightly foaming at the sides her mouth) “what was that for?”  The umpire replied “You can’t block like that”.  Still with a gum shield smile and oozing charm Griff remarked “You can, and I’m an ump”.  The umpire responded by showing Griff a yellow card!  (This decision was the subject of debate between other umpire qualified players at teas and all agreed the decision was at the least “harsh”).

Griff left the pitch and used the time to catch her breath and “express herself”.

Shortly after Griffgate the other umpire felt the need to call the captains over and warn them to cool things down, but teams were starting to appeal umpire decisions a little too frequently and tackle a bit too hard for comfort.  Time stopped for a minute so the captains could brief the teams.

A period of messy play followed and BAC2 started to emerge the more dominant side and won a short.  Quick pass to Mandy Lewis and GOAL!  Just before half time BAC2 were a goal up.  Westberries3 0 – BAC2 1.

The half time talk was positive and Capt Ceri was keen to capitalise on our narrow lead.

As expected Westberries3 came out strong, they shot hard but from outside the D and whilst on target it was well left by the defense.  Westberries kept the pressure on and won but wasted a short.  Things were looking desperate for Westberries when they couldn’t even manage to shoot at an open goal, TWICE!

Westberries won another short and opted for a series of short passes, lots and lots of them, it did the trick making space and leading to a goal.  Westerries3 1 – BAC2 1.

Even following the reset Westberries were quickly back on the attack winning a long.  The long was quickly cleared and BAC2 were breaking fast, then slowing and eventually running out of puff.  Westberries kept coming back harder and harder forcing Griff to make more of her signature blocks, this time with no objection from the umpires.

Westberries won what seemed their 50th short and during the scramble a flick was awarded to Westberries3.  Keeper Kay dives the right way and gets a hand to the ball but the shot is too good and goes in with 2 minutes left on the clock.  Westberries3 2 – BAC2 1.

BAC2 were down a goal but not conceding the game and threw everything they had into the last couple of minutes, unfortunately with so much effort being put into a last minute attack Westberries broke through and scored a 3rd goal in the last minute sealing their victory.

Teas were back at Coombe Dingle and Westberries apologised for the selection of food, but the effort was appreciated.  With only 4 players returning for teas there was no man of the match vote.

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