Daily Archives: March 10, 2013

Match Report ~ BAC2 1 vs Redland 0

On arriving at the match (fashionably late) there was something odd about the Redland formation I couldn’t quite figure out until BAC2 went on the attack, then it became obvious, Redland were not fielding a keeper.  This explained why BAC2 spent most of the fist half desperately defending, as Reds were a man up in the attack.

Match Report ~ Thornbury 2 vs BAC2 1

Turning up to a freezing cold Thornbury pitch all the players knew that this would be a tough match, Thornbury had convincingly beaten us on the previous 2 encounters.  Optimism was very high though and even as Capt Ceri read out the players names and positions, everyone cheered each name as if they had been nominated for man of the match.