Match Report ~ BAC2 3 vs Westberries4 1

Last home match of the season and BAC2 were keen to squeeze their territorial advantage to gain another 3 points after the previous weeks 3-1 loss to Westberries3.  Today BAC2 were playing the Westberries4 side, a charming bunch of ladies with a skipping themed warm-up routine.

Both teams were in optimistic moods although the Westberries had a problem, no goalie kit.  They requested use of the 15 minute delay period for such an emergency to which BAC2 and the umpires were happy to accept.  At 10:45 the game started still with no Westberries keeper kit.  BAC2 unusually had 2 subs for the game which was a pleasant bonus.  The start was fast from both teams and Westberries were certainly making use of their extra field player.

Within 2 minutes BAC2 had won a short, the Westberries defenders looked nervous and vulnerable without a kitted keeper.  Carrie passed to Hammy and she smashed in goal number 1.  The next 10-15 minutes became very frustrating for all BAC2 players and spectators, the team were making great plays and heaping the pressure on Westberries but just couldn’t finish the plays off and score more goals.  Numerous shorts and longs were awarded to BAC2 and all were wasted.  Westberries were reduced to wildly smashing the ball out of play rather than putting together coordinated breaks and counterattacks.

The Westberries defense had to be credited with some amazing saves.  On a couple of occasions Hammy hammered the ball towards the Westberries goal and only a lightning reaction and well placed stick by their defenders saved the ball right on the line.  Eventually they couldn’t keep BAC2 out and Hammy put home goal number 2 from a short.

With 5 minutes to go of the first half the Westberries keeper kit arrived and a fully suited goalie substituted onto the pitch.  Beezy missed the fact a substitution had occurred and starting shouting to the umpires that the Westberries were fielding 12 players.  The umpires looked confused and Beezy signaled her error realisation with a bright red blush.

At half time Ceri gathered the girls and briefed them like a military strategist.  She detailed the anticipated 2nd half response from the Westberries, reorganised the team accordingly and gave praise where due.  Minutes into the 2nd half and Ceri was bang on the money, BAC2 had cut Westberries revitalised attack short and Hammy had scored goal 3 and her hat trick.  BAC2 3 – Westberries 0.  1 minute later and there was no let up in momentum, no it was Ali charging 1 on 1 with the keeper but Westberries got the better of that encounter.

The action was similar to the first half in that it all seemed to be based in the Westberries D.  At times the play resembled a piranha feeding frenzy with everyone wanting to score, Ali even tackled Cheryl within the Westberries D.

Eventually Westberries managed to take the initiative and turned a fast break into a goal.  BAC2 3 – Westberries4 1.

Following a couple of wasted shorts by BAC2, Westberries were attacking and had a shot at goal, the Westberries cheered as the ball hit the backboards but the umpires discussed it and declared no goal.  This was how the match finished and it was a good win for BAC2 and a reversal of the scores from the previous week against a different Westberries team.

With no Parkway Tavern to provide the best teas in the league, the BAC2 were keen to show Westberries4 a good hospitality prepared by the players themselves.  There was plenty of sandwiches, sausage rolls, crisps, cakes and fizzy pop to go around and everyone seemed to enjoy and appreciate the effort.

Man of the match nominations were for Fran, Leanne and Hammy, the winner was Hat Trick Hammy.


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